Will This Be Enough to Seal the Deal on a Biden Impeachment?

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A former associate of Hunter Biden will testify in a closed-door hearing about what he witnessed working with the president’s son, specifically the sleazy government access deals that have placed the Biden White House in the impeachment crosshairs. Based on information obtained by a confidential source of the FBI, Joe and Hunter Biden each allegedly received $5 million in bribes from Burisma.

As we’ve known for months, Hunter was on their board to provide a legal shield, which they got. While serving as vice president, Joe fired the prosecutor looking into the Ukrainian energy company. The FBI’s FD-1023 report from their confidential human source (CHS) also notes that a ledger of the payment and recorded phone calls exist.

After the Hunter Biden laptop was authenticated, something many of us knew back in October 2020, it revealed the entire operation, including shell companies established to funnel money garnered from some Romanians. The Biden administration continues categorically denying that Joe was aware of Hunter’s activities, a defense that was gutted by a member of Biden’s own party.

And now Devon Archer is going to hopefully shed more light on this emerging scandal (via ABC News):

Devon Archer, a former best friend and business associate of Hunter Biden in Ukraine, is expected to testify under oath to Congress this week that President Biden met with dozens of Hunter’s business associates while he was serving as vice president between 2009 and 2017.

Fox News Digital has confirmed that Archer has been subpoenaed by the House Oversight Committee and could testify as early as Thursday, July 27. The expected testimony could cast further doubt on President Biden’s repeated claims that he had no knowledge of his son’s foreign business dealings or of having any influence on them.

Miranda Devine, a New York Post columnist and Fox News contributor, reported Monday that Archer, 48, is expected to tell the House Oversight Committee about meetings he witnessed attended by both Bidens — Hunter and Joe — either in person or via telephone. During the meetings, Hunter would specifically introduce his father to foreign business partners or prospective investors, Archer is expected to testify.

According to Devine, Archer, who was also a director, is expected to testify that the call between Joe, Hunter and Hunter’s business partners came after he and Hunter had dinner with the Burisma board at the Burj Al Arab Hotel. Archer and Hunter reportedly left the meeting and traveled to the Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach when Vadym Pozharskyi, a senior Burisma executive, called them and said Zlochevsky needed to urgently speak with Hunter.

The two Ukrainians then reportedly joined Hunter and Archer at the Four Seasons, where Pozharskyi specifically asked Hunter, “Can you ring your dad?”

According to Devine, Archer is expected to testify that Hunter called his father, who was in Washington, D.C., at the time, and introduced the Ukrainians by their first names. Then the younger Biden emphasized that the Burisma executives “need our support.”

Then-Vice President Biden acknowledged the Ukrainians, as he did in other calls with Hunter’s business partners, but kept the conversation brief, Archer is expected to testify.

Joe needed the Justice Department to interfere in all investigations into his son. The roads lead back to him. The IRS built a compelling case for charges stemming from Hunter Biden’s bogus system of finding tax-deducible events, namely his trysts with hookers. Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley presented their case for why the DOJ meddled in their investigations.

Both men are respected and reliable sources. Ziegler is a gay Democrat. Nothing disreputable about these two IRS agents who have come forward to detail the alleged malfeasance they experienced from DOJ officials. It’s why Democrats or Hunter Biden’s attorneys couldn’t smear them.

We got a glimpse into the narrative that Joe and Hunter tag-teamed these government access deals when the latter’s WhatsApp messages to a Chinese counterpart were revealed, which caused Hunter’s attorney to lose it. It seems Mr. Archer will add more to it in the coming days.

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