Why the FBI Agent Investigating Hunter Biden Was Ordered to Avoid a Key Deposition…

Hunter Biden looking worried

Hunter Biden’s connections to his father have long been a subject of controversy. Allegations have surfaced suggesting the family was involved in a questionable government access scheme that spanned several years. According to reports, the Biden family received millions of dollars from these ventures, with the funds channeled through shell companies owned by Biden family members. This raised legitimate tax questions, leading to a federal inquiry into the president’s son.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have been deeply involved in investigating various angles related to the Biden family. Of particular interest was Hunter Biden’s laptop, which reportedly contained information about his business dealings and other activities. It is alleged that FBI agents worked to prevent any criminal probe related to the laptop from gaining traction.

An FD-1023 report from a confidential source claimed that Joe and Hunter Biden received substantial payments of $5 million each in 2015-16 from a co-founder of Burisma Holdings. This report allegedly includes records of payments and phone conversations between the parties involved.

Recently, there have been accusations of political interference aimed at protecting Hunter Biden. For instance, Delaware US Attorney David Weiss was purportedly blocked from charging Hunter in 2022. Additionally, the DOJ has been accused of acting as a shield for the Biden family, hampering the IRS’s investigation into Hunter Biden.

In a significant development, it has come to light that the FBI ordered one of its investigating agents to avoid participating in a planned deposition for the House Oversight Committee. The agent was expected to provide valuable information, but the FBI’s general counsel sent a letter advising the agent to decline to respond to questions on the basis of executive privilege and confidentiality interests. The FBI further directed the agent to refer such questions to the FBI’s Office of Congressional Affairs.

Despite the gravity of these allegations, media coverage on the matter has been minimal, with major news outlets seemingly overlooking the story. This has led to questions about potential media bias and selective reporting.

In conclusion, the ongoing saga involving the Biden family’s business dealings and the alleged interference by government agencies raises serious concerns about transparency and accountability. The public awaits further developments and answers as investigations into these matters continue.

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