What TWA Flight 800 Had in Common with Hunter Biden’s Laptop…

Hunter Biden on his laptop

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On July 17, 1996, a tragic incident occurred when TWA Flight 800 departed from JFK Airport in New York City en route to Paris. Tragically, the Boeing 747 exploded over the south coast of Long Island just twelve minutes after takeoff, resulting in the loss of all 230 passengers and crew members aboard.

In the aftermath of the disaster, investigations were conducted to determine the cause of the explosion. On August 23, 1996, the New York Times featured a front-page article with the headline “Prime Evidence Found That Device Exploded in Cabin of Flight 800.” The report indicated that the FBI had significant evidence, though uncertain whether it was a bomb or a missile, that could potentially classify TWA Flight 800’s destruction as a criminal act.

Interestingly, on the same day, another headline on the front page read, “Clinton Signs Bill Cutting Welfare; States in New Role.” This created a dilemma for the Clinton administration, who were seeking reelection, as they had to balance the TWA Flight 800 investigation’s sensitive revelations with their political objectives.

Former U.S. senator and legendary JFK press secretary, Pierre Salinger, who was loyal to the Democratic party, was privy to crucial information about the incident. However, he kept silent about it until after the November election, knowing its potential impact on the election’s outcome. During an aviation conference in Cannes, just two days after the election, Salinger broke his silence and revealed that he had “very important details that show the plane was brought down by a U.S. Navy missile.” The media and various government agencies attempted to discredit him, turning the focus away from his revelations.

Over time, the media continued to downplay the missile strike theory, opting to label it as one of many anti-Clinton conspiracies. They failed to interview the numerous FBI witnesses who claimed to have seen a likely missile strike. Instead, the CIA played a leading role in shaping the narrative, offering a questionable animation that supposedly explained away the witnesses’ accounts.

Fast forward to more recent times, during the 2020 election season, there were claims of another conspiracy, this time concerning Hunter Biden’s laptop. The FBI, along with the intelligence community, allegedly suppressed information about the laptop for a year. When the story leaked, some “retired” FBI operatives claimed it was Russian disinformation, and the media quickly rallied to support this narrative, ultimately influencing the election outcome.

Throughout these events, it seems that powerful actors were willing to take questionable actions to sway public perception and political outcomes, prioritizing their objectives over transparency and truth.

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  1. TWA 800 was brought down by an ABL. The proof was found on both the cockpit voice recorder and the flight recorder. There is no question about this.

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