The Pre-Exit Stipulations Biden Imposes on Americans in Israel…


GOP Representative Cory Mills of Florida has taken matters into his own hands, leading efforts to evacuate stranded American citizens from Israel. While the State Department had been slow to respond, Mills wasted no time and, alongside Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, orchestrated the safe return of dozens of U.S. citizens from the Middle East.

The genesis of this remarkable initiative can be traced back to the State Department’s announcement regarding the facilitation of charter flights out of Israel for American citizens. Frustration had been mounting as American citizens in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza were informed that they would have to repay the U.S. government for the flights, which often did not even bring them all the way home.

In the midst of this bureaucratic quagmire, Rep. Cory Mills decided to take action. With a sense of duty and determination, he made his way to Israel to oversee the evacuation efforts personally. Mills, who had already been involved in similar operations during the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, was steadfast in his commitment to ensuring the safety of American citizens.

“If I had to come over here and do Biden’s job, so be it,” Mills declared, highlighting his resolve to get the job done when it seemed the government was faltering. His dedication to the mission was unwavering, and he was prepared to go to great lengths to bring Americans home.

On Saturday, Mills proudly announced that he had successfully assisted in bringing 96 American citizens out of Israel. Additionally, he had secured a charter plane with the capacity to accommodate 218 passengers, a significant step toward evacuating more Americans who were stranded in a volatile region.

Mills was quick to underscore a critical difference between his efforts and those of the Biden administration. He emphasized, “In contrast to Joe Biden’s charter flights, this service is provided to passengers FREE OF CHARGE.” This statement highlighted a glaring disparity in how the evacuation operations were being handled, with Mills and his team ensuring that American citizens faced no financial burden for their return home.

Meanwhile, the State Department’s approach raised eyebrows and concerns. Their notice to Americans in the region included a requirement for citizens to sign an agreement to repay the U.S. government for their evacuation flight. The update further stated, “If you accept this assistance, you should be prepared to arrange your own lodging and onward travel from the safe location to your final destination.” This approach seemed to contradict the very essence of an evacuation operation meant to ensure the safe and swift return of American citizens.

In a parallel effort, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also played a crucial role in bringing Americans home free of charge. DeSantis, known for his proactive approach to leadership, recognized the urgency of the situation and partnered with Mills to facilitate the evacuation. Together, they demonstrated a commitment to prioritizing the well-being of American citizens over bureaucratic red tape.

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  1. Well that IS better than they did to those they left in Afgan But i cant see bitme charging! muslumm for ANYTHING They have to close ties to the blm thugs

  2. What a pathetic,incompetent,failure this pretending president,has been.He is the laughing stock of America and our allies. No one even wants to talk to the clown, and his circus of idiots.

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