Watch What Happens When Sen. Warren Is Asked About Biden Family’s Payments!


In a recent interview, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) deftly navigated questions regarding the mounting evidence surrounding President Joe Biden’s son’s questionable foreign business dealings, opting instead to pivot the conversation towards the topic of the Supreme Court. The story, originally reported by Town Hall, highlights Senator Warren’s concern for the broader implications of political money and gifts influencing the highest court in the land.

With allegations swirling around President Biden’s potential involvement in his son’s overseas business affairs, the Senator from Massachusetts appeared uninterested in delving into the specifics. She stated, “So far we haven’t seen any direct evidence pointing to Joe Biden, President Biden, doing anything illegal…But I do wonder on a broader level…people close to Joe Biden…making tens of millions of dollars because of their closeness to him. That can’t be something you like. That can’t be something you’re comfortable with,” echoing the sentiments expressed by anchor Jake Tapper.

Intriguingly, Senator Warren’s focus quickly shifted towards her long-standing stance against the corrupting influence of political money. She articulated her heightened concern for the conduct of the United States Supreme Court, where she claimed that some justices have reportedly accepted gifts without proper disclosure, a violation of the law. “We’ve got a United States Supreme Court where people take gifts and don’t even report them even though the law requires them to report,” Warren asserted, indicating her belief that addressing the integrity of the judiciary should be of paramount importance.

The article references a memo released by House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY), which alleges that the Biden family was involved in foreign transactions exceeding $20 million. These transactions purportedly involved multiple family members and were obscured through the use of shell companies, with funds routed through Hunter Biden’s business associates, including Devon Archer. The documents further indicate that Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, played a pivotal role in these transactions, with both Archer and Biden reportedly earning a staggering $6.5 million from their association with the company. This revelation challenges President Biden’s previous statements claiming no involvement or discussion of such business dealings.

The exposĂ© also features photographic evidence of then-Vice President Joe Biden interacting with various foreign individuals linked to Hunter Biden’s ventures. These images contradict President Biden’s assertion that he had never been engaged in his son’s business affairs or associated with any foreign figures in this capacity. The stark contrast between the images and his earlier claims raises questions about the transparency and candor of the Biden family’s communication regarding their international business pursuits.

Senator Warren’s strategic shift towards discussing the ethics of the Supreme Court raises pertinent concerns about the broader impact of political connections and financial entanglements on the integrity of the judicial branch. As the controversy surrounding the Biden family’s alleged foreign business dealings continues to unfold, the conversation led by Senator Warren serves as a reminder that the balance between political influence and judicial impartiality is a critical aspect of the American democratic system.

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