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nfl going broke

Political Entanglement and Policies Blamed for Empty Stadiums

As the 2024 NFL season draws to a close, the league continues to grapple with the fallout from its entanglement in political controversies, notably the embrace of social justice movements like Black Lives Matter (BLM) and anti-police protests that permeated the playing field. The consequence? Empty stadiums and dwindling ticket sales, a glaring manifestation of the NFL’s self-inflicted wounds.

The recent sight of nearly vacant stands at the Bank of America Stadium in Raleigh, NC during the Carolina Panthers’ game has become emblematic of a larger issue plaguing the league. Front Office Sports shared a disconcerting image revealing tickets selling for as little as 45 cents, indicating a profound lack of audience engagement.

While some attributed this distressing turnout to the Panthers’ dismal 2-13 season, others pointed fingers at adverse weather conditions that blanketed the open-roofed stadium with rain and chilly fifty-degree temperatures.

However, the abysmal attendance might also be linked to a controversial new entry policy implemented by the stadium. The utilization of facial recognition technology for streamlined entry, primarily benefiting Silver Club members, raised concerns about potential inefficiencies and exclusions for attendees not enrolled in the system.

The situation in Raleigh, though striking, isn’t an isolated incident. Reports from 2022 indicated that over a dozen NFL teams experienced stagnant or declining average attendance. Teams like the Panthers, Baltimore Ravens, LA Chargers, and Green Bay Packers were notably affected, underscoring a systemic issue impacting multiple franchises.

This decline traces back to the league’s dalliance with overt political activism, which drew criticism from figures like former President Donald Trump. Trump, who condemned the injection of divisive politics into the game, highlighted the negative impact on television ratings and fan engagement. His remarks, dating back to 2017, continue to reverberate, indicating a lasting repercussion on the NFL’s popularity and viewership.

The controversy surrounding player protests during the national anthem and the perception of excessive penalties for physical play on the field have likely contributed to a growing disillusionment among fans, resulting in empty seats and waning interest in the once-beloved sport.

As the NFL grapples with its identity crisis, the empty stadiums serve as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for the league to navigate a delicate balance between social activism and preserving the sanctity of sports for its diverse fanbase.

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5 Replies to “Watch the NFL Going Broke…

  1. I quit watching when the players either refused to honor our flag in a respectful manner. Is the major issue. And not standing for our national anthem.

  2. I’m probably not the one to comment, however I will. Since the first 49’s game where Copernick took a kneel during the National Anthem and the coaches did nothing, that was it for me. I’ve not watched or listened to a game since. That hurts as football was my favorite sport. I’ve learned to do without football.

  3. I have not watched an NFL game live or on TV since the NFL decided to install itself as the conscience of the world (7 or 8 years?) and I have no intention of resuming no matter what they do. I have found much better things to do with my time and money than waste it on those “whiney babies!”

  4. Kneel and go broke. Diss the police and first responders and go broke. Support one group over another and go broke. Mess with the fans and you will be broke. Football is entertainment not politics or liberal views over conservative. Grow up.

  5. Sorry but WHO cares about the NFL thugs They have shown they dont care about me are my country FLAG so i sure dont care to give them money for that I put them right up there with the blm and antifa thugs that dont care for this country are its flag The nfl even came out with a new anthem for the thugs I will never be in my home for sure

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