Watch Biden Tell a Story to Reporters That Never Actually Happened!

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Originating Source: Town Hall

In a recent speech at Ingeteam, a wind turbine generator manufacturer in Milwaukee, President Joe Biden stirred controversy with his assertion that he had personally witnessed the collapse of the Fern Hollow Bridge in Pittsburgh last year. While delivering his remarks about his economic “relief” plan, Biden recounted the alleged incident, stating, “I watched that bridge collapse. I got there and saw it collapse, with over 200 feet off the ground over a valley. It collapsed. Thank God school was out during the pandemic.”

However, scrutiny quickly arose as multiple sources contradicted Biden’s claim. The incident was extensively covered in the media, with reports showing that Biden’s visit to the bridge site took place after the actual collapse. NBC News was among the first to highlight this inconsistency, posting video evidence of President Biden visiting the collapse site in the aftermath of the event.

Furthermore, CNN also chimed in, pointing out that the bridge collapse had occurred before President Biden even arrived in Pittsburgh. These discrepancies raised concerns about the accuracy of the president’s statement and led to a broader discussion about his credibility.

Social media was soon ablaze with reactions to Biden’s assertion. Individuals from various walks of life expressed skepticism and criticism. PGA Tour golfer Hunter Mahan remarked, “Incredible how often he lies,” while Sunny McSunnyface, a prominent conservative personality, commented, “He literally can’t get through a speech without objectively lying.”

Even figures outside the political arena joined the conversation. Former congressional candidate David Giglio took to Twitter to sarcastically suggest, “Must have happened during one of his long-haul trucking routes,” highlighting the implausibility of Biden’s claim.

Jim Iuorio, host of the Futures Edge Podcast, offered a nuanced perspective, acknowledging that Biden’s tendency to shape his own reality has been a recurring theme throughout his public life. Iuorio stated, “Realistically not a ‘gotcha’… Joe has been making up his own reality for 50 years in public life only to keep moving ahead… ‘top of my class.'”

Interestingly, this wasn’t the first instance of President Biden facing accusations of fabricating stories. During the same speech, he recounted a tale involving an Amtrak conductor that had previously been debunked by both conservative and liberal outlets, including CNN. The repeated dissemination of these inaccurate stories has raised concerns about the accuracy of information coming from the highest office in the land.

Critics argue that such falsehoods undermine the credibility of the president and cast doubt on the veracity of his statements. They emphasize that leadership demands honesty and integrity to effectively address the challenges facing the nation. In a time when misinformation spreads rapidly through social media and other platforms, the importance of accurate information cannot be overstated.

As the controversy surrounding Biden’s bridge collapse claim continues to unfold, it serves as a reminder of the scrutiny that leaders face in the digital age. Inaccurate statements can quickly be fact-checked and exposed, leading to potential reputational damage. The incident also reignites debates about the role of truth in political discourse and the need for leaders to be forthright with the public.

In conclusion, President Biden’s assertion that he personally witnessed the collapse of the Fern Hollow Bridge in Pittsburgh last year has come under intense scrutiny, with multiple sources debunking his claim. This incident adds to a series of questionable statements made by the president, raising concerns about the accuracy of information coming from the highest office. In an era where truth and transparency are paramount, leaders are facing heightened expectations to provide accurate and reliable information to the public.

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4 Replies to “Watch Biden Tell a Story to Reporters That Never Actually Happened!

  1. Crooked Joe “might” be qualified to be President of a Liars Club as he surely is not qualified to serve as President of the United States Of America!!!!!!!!!

  2. This might be a sly old politician preparing to have a solid “I don’t remember “when Hunte’s reports are presented that it was all done by his son c/o his knowledge and therefore not himself guilty.

  3. There are many of his tells that must just be in his mine IF he had one But with that he steal. Outwitted mccarty on that budget deal. I just dont see how he did that one But story telling is what e does best it sounds like other than sniffing women

  4. I think he actually doesn’t think someone is going to call him out on a BS story .
    He’s been doing it for decades.However in this world anyone’s BS can quickly be proven to be just that.

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