Washington State Democrats Push for Jail Time for Gas-Powered Gardening Tool Use

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In a bold move to combat climate change and improve public health, Washington State Democrats have introduced a new bill that seeks to ban gas-powered lawn tools and impose severe penalties for those caught using them.

House Bill 1868, introduced by State Reps. Amy Walen and Liz Berry, aims to reduce emissions from outdoor power equipment by prohibiting the use of gas- and diesel-powered tools from January 1, 2026, or as soon as the Department of Ecology determines it is feasible. The bill cites alarming data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that gas-powered lawnmowers contribute 5% of the nation’s air pollution, and that 17 million gallons of fuel are spilled annually during refueling.

The legislation claims that gas-powered lawn tools not only contribute to climate change but also cause a range of health issues, including asthma, hearing loss, and other ailments. Noise pollution is also cited as a concern, particularly with the rise of remote work.

To encourage the transition to zero-emissions equipment, the bill proposes tax incentives for those who switch to electric or battery-operated tools. However, the legislation does not provide evidence of the claimed “health benefits” of this transition.

If passed, the bill would make operating prohibited lawn care tools a gross misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $10,000, imprisonment for up to 364 days, or both. This would impact a wide range of tools, including lawnmowers, strimmers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, leaf blowers, and snowblowers.

The proposed legislation has sparked controversy, with critics arguing that it unfairly targets law-abiding citizens and may not effectively address the issue of climate change. Supporters, on the other hand, argue that the ban is necessary to protect public health and the environment.

As the debate continues, the fate of gas-powered gardening tools in Washington State hangs in the balance.

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5 Replies to “Washington State Democrats Push for Jail Time for Gas-Powered Gardening Tool Use

    1. Stupid is as stupid does this will not help as much as smoking dope would do for the so called big scam climate change it help more if politicians would stop talking so much

  1. What I want to know is who are all these people that vote these fools back in office over and over again. Doing that makes it real hard to feel sorry for these folks. They have the means to do something about what they are doing to them. If they keep putting them back in then shame on them.

  2. The country is not compatible to support solar…this is all a scam…Remember Soylandra…big Solar company that went backrupt in between obamas terms……claimed bankruptcy then donated big money to that pos…it’s all a scam the powers that be knew this would go nowhere our infrastructure cannot support it. Watch and see how many democrat Solar companies file bankruptcy this year and donate to the demophile party
    This is all about getting these big demophile companies making Solar using tax payers money then file bankruptcy and donates big money from my pocket(REPUBLICAN)to the demophiles…. SCAMGFYS!

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