Video: Huge Crack Forms on Popular Carowinds Roller Coaster With Riders On It!

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Carowinds amusement park in Charlotte, North Carolina, made the decision to close one of its popular roller coasters on Friday after a vigilant visitor identified a crack in a support pillar. The roller coaster in question is none other than the renowned Fury 325, celebrated as one of the tallest and longest rides in the expansive park that spans the borders of North and South Carolina.

Jeremy Wagner, a concerned visitor who stumbled upon the fracture, vividly recounts his discovery, stating, “It separated like that. Every car came through. Every time it shook. It separated like it did.” Realizing the severity of the situation, Wagner promptly captured a video to show the first staff member he encountered.

To his dismay, Wagner did not receive the expected reaction when he brought the crack to the attention of park staff. He recalls, “He said, well, I don’t see anything, and I said, you don’t see that crack? Because you can literally see it go around the whole thing. I told him, you need to shut this ride down.” However, Wagner expresses his disappointment, noting that the employee he initially approached, as well as the subsequent staff member he flagged down, appeared to lack a sense of urgency.

Adding to his concern, Wagner highlights that the employee who dismissed the crack mentioned that his own family had ridden the roller coaster several times that day. The thought of potential harm befalling not only his own child but also other riders troubled Wagner deeply. He reflects, “I could have seen not just my kid but somebody else’s kid coming off that roller coaster.”

Motivated by the urgency of the situation, Wagner promptly contacted the local fire department on his way home and informed them of the perilous situation. An individual from the fire department sought to address the matter promptly, stating, “He called me back within 10 minutes and said they shut the ride down for investigation.”

In response to the incident, Carowinds released a statement emphasizing their commitment to safety and their daily inspections of all rides, including Fury 325. The park assured visitors that safety is their foremost priority and thanked them for their patience and understanding during the investigation and repair process.

However, Wagner expresses his dissatisfaction with the park’s response. To reinforce his concerns, regular parkgoer Tiffany Newton shared a photo with WRAL, taken on June 24th, a week prior to Wagner’s viral video. Newton points out that she only noticed the early signs of the crack after viewing Wagner’s video online, further bolstering the urgency of addressing the issue.

While the Fury 325 remains closed for inspections and necessary repairs, Carowinds’ other amusement and water park attractions remain operational, according to the park’s website. The closure of the “tallest, fastest, longest giga coaster in North America” serves as a stark reminder of the importance of thorough inspections and diligent maintenance in ensuring the safety of amusement park guests.

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