Uncovered: Over 1000 Emails Exchanged Between Joe’s VP Office and Hunter’s Firm, NARA’s Reply Raises Questions About Joe!

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In a recent revelation, it appears that President Joe Biden’s statements regarding his involvement in his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings are facing renewed scrutiny. Over the past few years, the President has repeatedly denied having discussions about Hunter’s business ventures, but mounting evidence suggests otherwise. A report originating from Red State has unearthed a trail of emails that adds further weight to the suspicion that Joe Biden’s claims may not be entirely accurate.

The evolution of Biden’s narrative on this matter is raising eyebrows. When initially confronted with evidence challenging his assertion of non-involvement, Biden’s team shifted their stance to assert that the President had never been in business with his son, a claim that they argue has been consistent. This pivot has been criticized by many as a manipulative “Orwellian switch,” attempting to erase prior evidence while urging the public to accept the new version of events.

The latest revelation comes courtesy of a report from Red State, which indicates that Hunter Biden’s investment firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners, exchanged more than 1,000 emails with the office of then-Vice President Joe Biden. These emails, discovered through a records request made by America First Legal to the National Archives (NARA), suggest a level of interaction that contradicts Joe Biden’s claims of detachment from his son’s business affairs.

However, the situation takes an even more intriguing turn with NARA’s decision to withhold approximately 200 emails under the guise of “executive privilege.” According to NARA, these emails contain “confidential advice between the President and his advisors.” This development raises pertinent questions: if Joe Biden’s involvement with his son’s business was non-existent, why would there be confidential advice on this matter? What could possibly be contained within those emails that they are keen on keeping hidden?

The justification provided by NARA appears to hint at business-related content, possibly even linked to Joe Biden’s capacity as Vice President. This contradiction undermines the assertion that Joe Biden wasn’t involved and further erodes his position that the matter is devoid of official implications.

Among the emails that have been made public, one exchange stands out as emblematic of the situation. In a December 2013 email, lobbyist Doug Davenport urgently seeks assistance from Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Eric Schwerin, to secure White House Christmas tour tickets on short notice. This exchange demonstrates a level of access that suggests Rosemont Seneca’s influence was well-established within the Executive Mansion.

The email exchange further reveals that Rosemont Seneca reached out to Joe Biden’s office, which then facilitated Davenport’s request, explicitly labeling it as a “Big favor for Hunter.” This example illustrates a connection between Joe Biden’s official capacity and his son’s business endeavors, fueling accusations of influence peddling.

Gene Hamilton, America First Legal’s general counsel, asserts that these newly surfaced records provide additional evidence of a link between Hunter Biden’s international business ventures and the Office of the Vice President during the Obama Administration. The mounting evidence continues to challenge the narrative that Joe Biden had maintained a strict separation from his son’s business affairs.

As questions continue to arise and evidence accumulates, it is evident that the saga surrounding Joe Biden’s purported detachment from Hunter’s business dealings is far from settled. The newfound emails and NARA’s decision to withhold certain correspondence due to “executive privilege” underscore the complexity of the situation, further fueling the public’s desire for transparency and clarity on this matter.

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