Twitter Forced to Turn Over Every Person Who Liked, Followed or Re-tweeted Trump

Jack Smith Targets Trump Supporters

Justice Department’s Extensive Search into Trump’s Twitter Account Raises Concerns

The Justice Department, led by Special Counsel Jack Smith, has disclosed a comprehensive search warrant for former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account. The warrant, heavily redacted and released following a court order on November 17, reveals an unprecedented collection of data on Trump’s social media interactions.

The scope of the search is vast, encompassing every account that liked, followed, or retweeted Trump. The DOJ also gathered information on accounts Trump interacted with, including those he followed, unfollowed, muted, unmuted, blocked, or unblocked.

In an extensive data haul, the DOJ obtained lists of users who favored or retweeted Trump’s tweets, as well as all tweets mentioning his username. Notably, the DOJ’s request extended to Trump’s geolocation, private messages, search history, and even his pronouns, a detail that has sparked considerable debate.

Twitter (Now X), initially resisting the warrant and accompanying gag order, argued that these violated its First Amendment rights and Trump’s potential executive privilege. However, Twitter’s challenge was overruled by Obama-appointed District Judge Beryl Howell, resulting in a significant fine for the company for non-compliance.

All of Howell’s decisions were subsequently upheld by an appeals court, reinforcing the district court’s authority and handling of the case.

This extensive investigation into Trump’s Twitter activity and those interacting with his account has led to concerns about privacy and the potential for political misuse of the Justice Department. Critics argue that this investigation reflects a worrying trend toward using law enforcement tools for political purposes, undermining the DOJ’s role as a neutral enforcer of the law.

The case continues to evolve, highlighting critical issues about privacy, free speech, and the balance of powers in the digital age.

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3 Replies to “Twitter Forced to Turn Over Every Person Who Liked, Followed or Re-tweeted Trump

  1. ME TOO: ” 1PatriotForever” I am sick of these lawless, reprobate, power hungry, lack of Constitutional knowledge and respect for the rights of the citizens to chose whom they “DECIDE” to follow, whom they “DECIDE” to like, whom they “DECIDE” to support especially when it isnt the Brown Shirts and Black Shirts of the Obama Biden Admin. As Jack is proud to be and worship satan, just like his name sake “Jack the Ripper” who think they are not to be held to a higher standard of Morality, but they are.
    Imagine Soros bought him from satan and the exchange of souls here is grotesque and sad.
    Talk about gambling at the feet of Jesus on the cross, these pukes think they can do it at the feet of The Risen Jesus Christ, WHO Conquered Death for us for eternal life and yet these are the spiritually dead hanging around to eat from the rubbish of the demons in hell, living in skin.

  2. This blatant crossing the line on many levels. My privacy, freedom of speech. There are many times I’ve reposted not knowing the person who posted it. We the people demand ALL our Voted in Representatives protect our rights! They won’t then they need to go! Are they asking to be forcibly removed? We have a right to do so!

  3. Why are they after Trump? This man only did good for this country and they are trying to crucify him (WHY)????. I will support him until my dying day. He ran this Country for 4 years and never took a dime for it. I will define him until my dying day

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