Tucker Carlson Verifies NSA Tampered with His Communication, Halting His Putin Interview.

Vladimir Putin waiting on an interview

NSA Denies Spying on Tucker Carlson Amid Controversy over Attempt to Interview Putin

New information has emerged concerning the allegations by Fox News host Tucker Carlson that the National Security Agency (NSA) was spying on him. The NSA, in an unusual move, released a statement strongly denying Carlson’s claims.

The backdrop to this controversy is Carlson’s continued assertion that the NSA sought to push his television program off the air. However, recent revelations by Axios added a fresh layer to this intrigue. According to the news site, Carlson had made attempts to communicate with Russian President Vladimir Putin through an intermediary.

These findings have led to speculation that one of these intermediaries, suspected of being linked closely with Putin, was under surveillance by U.S. intelligence as a potential foreign agent. Axios reported that Carlson’s outreach efforts were known to U.S. government personnel, though the site did not confirm whether Carlson’s communications were actually intercepted.

Addressing the matter on his show, Carlson confirmed his attempts to secure an interview with Putin and expressed his intention to keep the process confidential. “I wanted to ensure the outreach remained out of the public domain. I believed that any publicity would compromise the interview prospects with the Russians,” Carlson explained.

The plot thickened when Carlson alleged that he was made aware through a whistleblower that the NSA planned to leak his emails to the media. He further claimed this leak indeed took place. The term “unmasked” has been used to describe the exposure of his identity in the purported surveillance. Carlson exclaimed, “I was identified, my identity became known within the NSA. My name and my email contents were then illegally shared with a Washington news agency.”

Axios highlighted that for any government official to understand the nature of intelligence, a formal request to “unmask” the identity of individuals in intercepted communications would be necessary. A conjecture surfaced suggesting that perhaps the U.S. had been eavesdropping on interactions between a Putin confidant and Carlson as the two negotiated a potential interview.

Carlson has stated that his sole confidante regarding the Putin outreach was his producer, Justin Wells. He passionately claimed that the intent behind the alleged email leaks was to discredit him by painting him as a “Kremlin stooge” or a “traitor,” even though several other U.S. journalists have interviewed Putin in the past.

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