Tucker Carlson Confirms That The NSA Hacked His Signal & Prevented Him From Interviewing Putin!

Tucker Carlson Interview

In a recent report by The Leading Report, the controversial claims made by Tucker Carlson regarding the National Security Agency (NSA) allegedly spying on him took an unexpected twist as new details emerged. According to Carlson, his emails sent in an attempt to secure an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin were allegedly scrutinized by the NSA before being leaked to the media.

This revelation marks the latest development in Carlson’s allegations against the intelligence service. In a rare move, the NSA issued a statement vehemently denying these claims, also refuting Carlson’s assertion that they were attempting to censor his program.

However, Carlson remained persistent in his allegations. The story took a curious turn when Axios revealed that Carlson had been attempting to contact Putin through a middleman. This raised the possibility that one of these intermediaries, who purportedly had connections to Putin, might have been under surveillance as a foreign agent. It’s worth noting that Axios did not confirm whether Carlson’s communications were eavesdropped upon by American government personnel.

On his television show, Carlson confirmed his intent to secure an interview with Putin but emphasized the need for discretion, stating, “I figured that any kind of publicity would rattle the Russians and make the interview less likely to happen.”

Carlson further claimed that a whistleblower had informed him of the NSA’s plan to leak the contents of his emails to media outlets, and he alleged that this leak had indeed occurred. He went on to assert that he had been “unmasked,” revealing his identity during the surveillance process. “I was unmasked, people in the building learned who I was,” Carlson stated, “And then my name and the contents of my emails left that building at the NSA and wound up with a news organization in Washington. That is illegal.”

According to Axios, government officials may need to request the “unmasking” of identities involved in intelligence operations to fully understand the nature of the intelligence gathered. The story also entertained other theories, including the possibility that the U.S. government had been monitoring contacts between a Putin associate and Carlson as they discussed the potential interview.

While it remains possible that the recipients of Carlson’s emails made them public, he has consistently maintained that he only informed his producer, Justin Wells, about his outreach efforts. Carlson suggested that the ultimate aim was to portray him as a disloyal American, a Russian operative, “a stooge of the Kremlin, a traitor,” due to his pursuit of the interview.

It is worth noting that journalists from U.S. outlets have conducted interviews with Putin in the past, including Fox News’ Chris Wallace and NBC News’ Keir Simmons.

An NSA spokesperson offered no further comments beyond their previous statement, while National Security Attorney Bradley Moss provided his perspective on Twitter. “So NSA didn’t spy on Tucker. They weren’t trying to get him taken off the air. They appear to have been surveilling Putin’s cronies. Tucker’s e-mails were incidentally collected. No evidence NSA leaked them. No reason to believe Putin’s cronies didn’t leak them.”

In response to the situation, a Fox News spokesperson issued a statement saying, “We support any of our hosts pursuing interviews and stories free of government interference.”

The controversy surrounding Tucker Carlson’s efforts to secure an interview with Vladimir Putin continues to raise questions about government surveillance and the protection of journalists’ privacy, as the allegations and counterclaims unfold.

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