Trump’s Haunting Prediction Regarding Iranian Terror Attacks a Month Ago!

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Exactly one month ago, on the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attack, former President Donald Trump made a bold prediction that has eerily come to pass in the wake of devastating attacks on Israel. Town Hall was there to capture the unfolding events.

On September 11, Trump publicly condemned the Biden Administration’s decision to engage in a prisoner exchange that ultimately allowed the Iranian regime to access over $6 billion in previously frozen funds, a result of U.S. sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic.

In a scathing social media post, Trump expressed his outrage, saying, “Can you believe that Crooked Joe Biden is giving $6 Billion to the terrorist regime in Iran? That money can be used for terrorism all over the Middle East and, indeed, the World. This incompetent FOOL is absolutely destroying America.”

Trump eerily foreshadowed the events that would follow, stating, “To pay for hostages will lead to kidnapping, ransom, and blackmail against Americans across the globe. I freed many dozens of our people from various unfriendly countries and never paid a dime!”

Fast forward to today, and Israel is grappling with the aftermath of an attack that has claimed the lives of at least 600 Israelis, with over 100 more taken hostage, including women, children, and the elderly.

Republican Senator Rick Scott of Florida didn’t mince words, squarely placing the blame on President Biden for funneling billions of dollars to a country with a history of supporting terrorism. Scott tweeted, “This is exactly why so many Americans & Israelis were DISGUSTED to see [President Biden] give the Iranian regime $6 billion last month. Every dollar given to Iran funds terrorism in the Ayatollah’s quest to destroy Israel. Iran is behind today’s invasion & everyone must say that.”

Allegations of Iran’s involvement in the attack have gained further traction with reports suggesting that the Iranian regime actively aided the terrorist group Hamas in launching a shocking assault on Israel. The Wall Street Journal disclosed that Iranian security officials had given their approval to Hamas’ plan during a meeting in Beirut just last week. Leaders of both Hamas and Hezbollah have affirmed that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps collaborated closely with Hamas, strategizing for an air, land, and sea attack that had been in the works since August.

Intriguingly, an unnamed U.S. official offered a more cautious perspective, stating, “We don’t have any information at this time to corroborate this account.” Nevertheless, a subsequent update from a U.S. official to Fox News Digital conceded that Iran has indeed supported Hamas and Hezbollah for years. Still, the current intelligence does not yet confirm Iran’s direct involvement in the recent attack.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken also weighed in, revealing that the U.S. lacks evidence to definitively link Iran to the attack but acknowledged the long-standing relationship between Iran and these militant groups.

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, however, left no room for doubt when he unequivocally pointed the finger at Iran. Erdan emphasized the coordination among terror groups operating in the region, asserting, “We know there were meetings in Syria and Lebanon with other leaders of the terror armies that surround Israel, so obviously, it’s easy to understand that they tried to coordinate. The proxies of Iran in our region, they tried to be coordinated as much as possible with Iran,” as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

The unfolding situation in Israel serves as a stark reminder of the complex geopolitical challenges faced by the region and the world at large. Former President Trump’s predictions, once deemed speculative, have now become a grim reality, underscoring the need for a comprehensive reevaluation of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

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  1. Trump knew and we knew and for those who didnt, they are spiritually dead and for those who deny it now they are Islamic in nature and heart: In Denial and filled with Angst.

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