Trump Can Prove It!

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In a heated battle of narratives, establishment politicians and mainstream media have relentlessly worked to dismiss claims of voter fraud as a mere conspiracy theory. However, a recent report from American Thinker argues that a series of unconstitutional changes to state election laws, unsupervised ballot drop boxes, voting machine errors, mathematically improbable voter turnout, and other instances of alleged voter fraud cast a shadow of doubt over the legitimacy of the 2020 election results.

Pointing out the coincidence of multiple irregularities occurring simultaneously, the report suggests that there might be a coordinated effort at play. Amidst these debates, Trump’s legal team has indicated a newfound platform to “fully re-litigate every single issue that occurred during the 2020 election.” This development could potentially provide the long-awaited opportunity to address the concerns that have fueled controversies surrounding the election.

The crux of the matter lies in the pivotal states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. These states flipped from blue to red in the 2016 election, securing Trump’s victory. The shift signaled a change in the political landscape, with traditional blue strongholds no longer being guaranteed wins for Democratic candidates. Pennsylvania and Michigan, in particular, hadn’t voted Republican in a general election for decades, adding significance to their transition.

Beyond the “blue wall,” Arizona and Georgia also emerged as key battlegrounds for Trump’s campaign in 2016. The 2020 election, once again, saw these states become crucial determinants of the outcome. However, despite Trump’s increased voter turnout, these five states all “flipped” to Biden, triggering suspicions among those who closely monitored the election process.

An illustrative example occurred in Georgia, where the secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, voiced doubts about the feasibility of a Biden victory. As Raffensperger began to express his concerns live on television, his connection mysteriously faltered. Despite the interruption, Raffensperger reiterated his stance after returning, stating that even if Biden were to receive 100% of the remaining votes, it wouldn’t change the outcome. However, his subsequent statements to the January 6 committee appeared contradictory, undermining the consistency of his position.

Michigan’s case came under scrutiny as well, with reports highlighting a late-night influx of ballots favoring Biden. Questions arose about the validity of more than 800,000 ballots sent to non-qualified voters. The margin of victory in Michigan was thin, making the allegations of irregularities even more significant.

In Wisconsin, the investigation led by former Supreme Court justice Michael Gabelman uncovered an alleged nursing home exploitation scheme that cast doubt on the integrity of the election. The Supreme Court of the state later ruled that absentee ballot drop boxes used for nearly 2 million votes were illegal, impacting the legitimacy of the outcome.

Pennsylvania faced its own set of controversies surrounding voting procedures. Legal debates centered on the state Supreme Court’s decision to extend ballot-counting deadlines, which was challenged as a violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Elections Clause. A close decision by the U.S. Supreme Court prior to Justice Barrett’s confirmation resulted in a 4-4 split, leading to a temporary “stay.” The subsequent outcome might have differed had the case been heard post-confirmation.

Among all these allegations, Arizona drew early suspicions when Fox News unexpectedly called the state for Biden with only 27% of the vote counted. The ensuing forensic audit raised concerns about the number of illegal votes, suggesting that they exceeded Biden’s purported margin of victory by a significant factor.

Despite state-specific controversies, a broader analysis of the election’s historical context raises eyebrows about the reported voter turnout. The 2020 election recorded an unusually high number of votes, surpassing previous trends. With roughly 168 million registered voters, a reported turnout of 92% is statistically surprising, especially when compared to countries with compulsory voting systems.

The article also questions the viability of Joe Biden as a transformative candidate who could drive such high turnout. Having previously failed to secure the Democratic nomination in 1988 and 2008, Biden’s success in 2020 contradicts his historical performance. His limited success in winning bellwether counties and total counties compared to his predecessors Trump and Obama further fuels skepticism.

The report dismisses claims that Trump attempted to “subvert” the election, asserting that he was constitutionally obliged to dispute an election he deemed fraudulent. While the validity of these claims is subject to debate, Trump’s legal team now has the platform to present evidence and revisit the concerns that have plagued the aftermath of the 2020 election.

As the legal battles continue and narratives clash, the overarching question remains: Can Trump’s evidence effectively demonstrate the validity of his claims and reshape the discourse surrounding the 2020 election? Only time will reveal the outcome of this ongoing controversy.

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5 Replies to “Trump Can Prove It!

  1. I have Believed and Trusted in President Trump from the beginning.
    When the Media started throwing out ugly claims at him. I must admit, at very first, I gave up in the Political System of this Country.
    But, I have continued to follow His Fight against the Evil behind it all, that does exist.
    But, no one wants to accept it exists.
    The Truth Will Win!!!

  2. In Michigan state police found widespread voter fraud. They did what they should have and gave it to the FBI. That report promptly disappeared never to be seen again.

  3. The probability of a Biden victory in 2020 was very low, based on his previous two failed attempts but also as a result of his horrible VP choice. The conditions that existed during the Trump administration were nearly all favorable including low energy prices; low inflation; as well as being respected by our friends and feared by our adversaries. This should have resulted in a large margin of victory for a Trump re-election. Sadly; it did not happen and we find ourselves in the worst condition in our lifetime thanks to the Biden administrations failed policies.

  4. I am so glad, maybe things will start changing, I believe in Trump is the only one that can and will make changes with Gods help, I know things have to change, but now maybe for the good instead of the direction we are going !

  5. All one has to see is the 10:20or30PM live cable release change in the vote count from GA – Atlantic City (??)! That said it all! How we got the crap from Muskegon Mi which starts to scare people that the MI State Police had their hands in it! Heads should start rolling in Lansing and then there was plenty of pay off via the state pocket full of money to stay on

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