Trump-allied super PAC to target Hunter Biden in new ad

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A super PAC closely associated with former President Donald Trump has just unveiled its latest political ad aimed at targeting President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden’s alleged business dealings with foreign countries. The 60-second ad, entitled “Hey Joe,” promises to “prosecute the case against crooked Joe Biden and the corrupt Biden crime family,” according to a statement released by Taylor Budowich, CEO of MAGA Inc., the organization behind the advertisement.

The news of this ad’s release was first reported by Axios, adding to the ongoing political drama that surrounds the Biden family. The narrator in the ad raises questions about the Justice Department’s priorities, pointing out that they relentlessly pursued President Trump while seemingly providing cover for the Biden family. The ad brings up the infamous Hunter Biden laptop incident, where it is claimed that a laptop hard drive left at a Delaware computer repair shop contained incriminating information about the Bidens’ dealings.

The laptop revelations came to light in October 2020 when the New York Post published a story detailing alleged emails between then-Vice President Biden, Hunter Biden, and Ukrainian business executives. The ad contends that the laptop’s contents showed Hunter receiving millions of dollars from foreign partners and accused Ukrainian and Chinese interests of bribery and fraud.

The focus then shifts to Hunter Biden’s purported business dealings with China, insinuating that other family members, including Joe Biden’s brother, grandkids, nieces, and nephews, received substantial payments from foreign deals totaling $17 million. The ad uses this information to question President Biden’s rapid financial ascent from one of the poorest members of Congress to a millionaire residing in the White House.

The timing of the ad’s release is notable, coming in the wake of the Department of Justice’s indictment of former President Trump. The indictment, which spans 45 pages, accuses Trump of leading a campaign to obstruct a “bedrock function” of democracy through dishonesty, fraud, and conceit in his efforts to remain in power after the 2020 presidential election.

Trump and several GOP leaders have long claimed that the Justice Department’s investigation into the former president exemplifies a “two-tiered system of justice.” Just recently, the House Oversight Committee heard from two IRS whistleblowers who alleged preferential treatment and slow-walking of the case concerning the president’s son.

The “Hey Joe” ad is set to be broadcast on major news networks such as Fox News, CNN, and Newsmax, commencing from Monday. What sets this ad apart from previous ones by MAGA Inc. is its direct targeting of the current president and his family, a departure from their previous focus on Republican hopeful Ron DeSantis for the 2024 White House race.

MAGA Inc., founded in the fall of the previous year, has proven to be a formidable fundraising force, raising approximately $14.6 million during the first half of this year alone, according to its midyear filing with the Federal Election Committee (FEC).

In light of this new development, The Hill has reached out to MAGA Inc. for their comments on the ad’s release and its intended impact on the current political landscape. The ad is likely to spark further debates on the role of super PACs in shaping public opinion and influencing political outcomes. As the 2024 presidential race approaches, it remains to be seen how such ads will shape the narrative surrounding the Biden administration and the Republican opposition.

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