“Tragic Betrayal: Biden Turns His Back on RFK Jr., Leaving Him Vulnerable to Danger After His Father’s Tragic Assassination!”

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In a fiery outburst on social media, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. took aim at the Biden Administration, accusing them of disregarding safety concerns by denying him Secret Service protection as a 2024 presidential candidate. The scion of the Kennedy dynasty, who has been actively advocating for various causes, including freedom of speech, shared his frustration on Twitter.

“Since the assassination of my father in 1968, candidates for president are provided Secret Service protection. But not me,” RJK Jr. wrote on Twitter, highlighting the historical context surrounding presidential candidate security.

Moreover, Kennedy Jr. revealed that his request for Secret Service protection had been met with silence for an astonishing 88 days, despite the typical turnaround time for such requests being a mere 14 days. Even after several follow-ups by his campaign, the Biden Administration ultimately denied the protection he sought.

A 67-page report from a renowned protection firm was part of Kennedy Jr.’s request, outlining specific security and safety risks that set him apart from commonplace death threats faced by candidates. However, the administration, through DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, deemed Secret Service protection “not warranted at this time.”

The denial has raised eyebrows and stirred controversy, particularly due to the historical significance of Kennedy Jr.’s family. The memory of his father’s assassination in 1968 and his uncle, President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, lingers on, amplifying concerns about the safety of prominent political figures.

Aside from his demands for Secret Service protection, the Democratic presidential candidate has been an outspoken critic of the Biden Administration’s approach to censorship. Kennedy Jr. sees the White House’s censorship campaign as a serious threat to democratic principles and has been actively pushing back against it.

Celebrating a perceived victory, Kennedy Jr. revealed that his case, titled Kennedy v. Biden, had been consolidated with Missouri v. Biden, forming a class-action suit on behalf of individuals censored by the White House. The Kennedy case aims to represent those whose voices were silenced and whose rights were infringed upon, emphasizing the words of Frederick Douglass that every act of censorship affects both speakers and listeners.

During a congressional committee hearing, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. testified that he was “the first person censored by the Biden administration – just two days after they came into office.” His testimony has fueled the ongoing debate about the extent of government control over free speech, with Kennedy Jr. emerging as a passionate defender of the First Amendment, which he sees as the lifeblood of American democracy.

In addition to his critiques of the Biden Administration, Kennedy Jr. has been vocal about various issues impacting the nation. He has expressed concerns about climate change, vaccine safety, and environmental protection, carrying on the legacy of his family’s commitment to public service and advocacy for social and environmental causes.

Despite the Biden Administration’s refusal to grant him Secret Service protection, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. remains undeterred in his quest for the presidency and his fight for the values he holds dear. The ongoing clash between Kennedy Jr. and the administration over matters of security and freedom of speech continues to captivate the nation and exemplifies the enduring impact of the Kennedy family on American politics and public discourse. Only time will tell how this bold and determined candidate’s journey unfolds on the road to the 2024 presidential election.

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  1. Well YEAA after all he is running against bitme so i am sure they want him Gone But on the other hand He might be safer.without the bitme kind looking after him This Mafia dont work for the ppl remember.

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