Top Dem Swalwell Sparks Controversy by Defending Nude Photos on Hunter Biden’s Laptop…

Eric Swalwell on Hunter Biden's Laptop

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif) engaged in a heated exchange with House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) during a recent hearing with FBI Director Christopher Wray. The focus of their argument centered around the nude photos of women found on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Swalwell took the position that there was no evidence to suggest these images were non-consensual, despite Republicans suggesting that the laptop’s contents could have impacted the 2020 elections.

Swalwell dismissed the idea that the liberal media’s suppression of the laptop discovery influenced the election, calling it “bananas.” He criticized the GOP, accusing them of becoming the “party of non-consensual nudes” and highlighting their alleged hypocrisy on privacy issues.

In response to Jordan’s comments about the FBI’s handling of the laptop, Swalwell expressed disbelief at the emphasis placed on the term “laptop” throughout the hearing. He found it concerning that the chairman believed the FBI should have allowed more Americans to learn about the private citizen’s laptop.

The New York Post published a report about Hunter Biden’s laptop a month before the 2020 election, but social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook shadow-banned the story due to alleged misinformation. However, after President Joe Biden’s election victory, left-leaning outlets began to reconsider their earlier dismissal of the laptop’s significance.

Swalwell characterized his participation in the hearing as chaotic and sarcastically referred to the FBI director’s involvement in the “Insurrection LLC” meeting, alluding to the firm’s supposed sole client, Donald Trump. He attributed the limited dissemination of Hunter Biden’s laptop contents to cyberattacks and suggested that the hearing should focus on nationwide mass shootings.

Continuing his testimony, Swalwell accused Republicans of jeopardizing law enforcement by expressing strong skepticism toward the FBI. He expressed concerns for the safety of his own police officer brothers and other law enforcement officers due to the calls to defund the FBI and the posting of former agents’ addresses by a former Trump aide. Swalwell warned against politicizing the work of nonpolitical individuals.

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