Last Week’s Top 10 Not Reported Major Newsworthy Events…

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This week’s list was made possible by @TaraBull

10. The House Financial Services Committee banned the Federal Reserve from creating a Central Bank digital currency.

9. Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson secretly signs $26 million contract to build camps for illegal migrants.

8. YouTube barred Russell Brand based on unfounded media allegations and UK government requests, but Rumble refuses to demonetize him.


Russell Brand has been officially demonetized by YouTube. The platform cited violations of its Creator Responsibility policy as the reason, emphasizing their commitment to protecting the community from any off-platform behavior of creators that might be harmful. This decision followed severe allegations against Brand. As a result, his channel has been removed from the YouTube Partner Program and is now unable to generate revenue on the platform.

7. Moderna and Pfizer stocks plummet as demand for COVID vaccines drops significantly.


Pfizer is contemplating cost-cutting strategies due to diminished demand for its COVID-19 vaccine and antibody treatment. This situation reflects a broader market downturn for COVID-related products, despite a spike in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations. Initially, Pfizer had anticipated a distribution of 100 million vaccine doses in the U.S. for 2023, making up 60% of all vaccinations. Yet, only 12.4 million doses were given in the first half of the year, far below their expectation.

6. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to run as an independent if the DNC keeps rigging the primary in favor of Joe Biden.


The Democrats have implemented rules that significantly hinder Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s chances of winning due to his increasing popularity. However, if Kennedy Jr. decides to run as an independent, it could jeopardize Biden’s chances of securing a victory.

5. Former Secretary of State says that over 800,000 ballot applications were sent to non-qualified voters in Michigan in 2020.

4. Texas Governor Greg Abbott officially declared an invasion at the border due to Biden’s policies and deployed the Texas National Guard.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott has officially labeled the situation at the border as an “invasion” due to the policies of President Joe Biden. In response, he has deployed the Texas National Guard to address the situation.

3. Media downplays blatant mụrder of a retired police officer who was mowed down in Las Vegas, calling it a ‘bike accident’.


Las Vegas sees an appalling act: a retired police officer, respected in his community, is brutally mowed down while riding his bike. To make matters even more heinous, an accomplice films the entire act. Major media mostly ignores or downplays the shocking event.

2. Elon Musk is suing the US Government after Biden demanded SpaceX hire refugees and asylees, which violates the Constitution.

In a lawsuit filed in Texas federal court on Friday, SpaceX says the U.S. Department of Justice administrative judges who typically hear cases concerning employee bias against immigrants are not appropriately appointed. The company also claims that keeping the case out of court denies the giant company its constitutional right to a jury trial, according to Reuters.

1. Former Pfizer VP Mike Yeadon says the mRNA COVID vaccines were designed to injure and kill.

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  1. None of these actions surprise me except for Congress actually doing something “GOOD” for America. Now Thats a Trip in and of itself

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