The Trump of Argentina Wins the Presidency. Massive Political Shift on the Horizon!

Javier Milei

In a landmark political upset in Buenos Aires, Argentina, libertarian economist and congressman Javier Milei of the Liberty Advances party clinched the Argentine presidency, securing a decisive victory over the center-left Peronista candidate Sergio Massa. With 55.7% of the vote, Milei’s win marks a significant shift in the nation’s political mood.

Milei’s victory came as a surprise, especially after his underperformance in the first round of elections. His success in consolidating support from first-round voters of Patricia Bullrich and a substantial share of Cordoba governor Juan Schiaretti’s backers was crucial in this turnaround.

The election was heavily influenced by Argentina’s challenging economic situation, characterized by 140% inflation and a 40% poverty rate. The voters’ frustration with economic woes and widespread corruption allegations against the Peronist party played a pivotal role in Massa’s defeat.

Demonstrating sportsmanship, Sergio Massa gracefully conceded defeat, acknowledging the challenges that await Milei in tackling Argentina’s economic problems. His concession speech in Chacarita underscored the end of an era for the Peronist party.

Milei’s campaign was marked by its uniqueness and showmanship. His use of a chainsaw as a symbol of his opposition to government overspending and his portrayal of himself as a lion ready to challenge Argentina’s political class resonated with many, particularly younger voters.

Milei also managed to extend his appeal beyond traditional libertarian circles. He garnered substantial support from Argentina’s young voters and the Jewish community, the largest in Latin America. His campaign promises included prioritizing relations with the United States and Israel.

Despite his victory, Milei faces a challenging road ahead. With his party holding only a small block in Congress, he will need to collaborate with both the Peronist and center-right factions. His commitment to promoting “liberal libertarianism” will be tested as he navigates the complexities of political alliances.

The election results reflect the Argentine electorate’s desire for change, posing the question of whether it’s better to opt for the familiar or venture into new political territories. Despite concerns about Milei’s temperament and lack of government experience, the nation’s vote signifies a clear preference for change.

As Milei prepares to take office, his approach to addressing the nation’s economic challenges and balancing political alliances will be under close scrutiny. His promise of a fresh approach to governance, combined with his wit and political acumen, will now face the ultimate test in the highest office of Argentina.

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  1. There will be no massive political shift. Instead (and I say that as a realist, not a cynic, who in fact wishes Javier all the success, from the bottom of my heart), he will come to find that he has oversold an idea to a population that does not really believe in reducing government size in the way he believes in it. What they believe in is not that big government is always an impediment and a kludge that bends to the interests of some to the detriment of most; instead, what they believe in is that big government can be tweaked to better serve the populace, as long as the right politician comes along (and stays, apparently). In other words, whereas he (correctly, in my opinion) assumes that big government is by definition a net problem contributor rather than a net problem solver, the population is sold on the fundamental concept of big government being capable of solving more problems than it creates. Moreover, if he tries to discover corruption anywhere along the way, he will find the full apparatus fighting him tooth and nail every step along the way.

    And when the realization that he cannot singlehandedly defeat such a Leviathan is subsequently reinforced by the MSM (which unfairly harangue both his actions and his principles), it will leave him looking years older and a lot more cynical. Which is a shame–because his heart is in the right place.

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