The New Speaker Scores His First Big Win

Mike Johnson

When Mike Johnson was elected as the new House Speaker by Republicans, he faced swift criticism. Democrats labeled him an “insurrectionist,” and the media seemed poised to witness his failure.

Speaker Johnson wasted no time in getting to work, following three weeks of congressional deadlock. His top priority on the agenda was addressing the ongoing conflict in Israel.

Johnson made a commitment to provide support to America’s closest ally in the Middle East. He stood firm against President Biden’s substantial spending proposal and, with a bipartisan vote, successfully passed a bill that aimed to assist Israel while reallocating funds from the IRS.

Speaker Johnson achieved his goal of passing the aid bill for Israel, which also included reductions in IRS funding—a continuation of House Republicans’ efforts to trim the billions President Biden had allocated for the tax collection agency.

This accomplishment earned Speaker Johnson recognition, as twelve Democrats crossed party lines to support the bill. He could proudly claim that his first significant legislative achievement as Speaker was a bipartisan success.

However, the fate of the bill now hinges on the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer vowed to block its passage in the upper chamber. Nevertheless, Speaker Johnson remained steadfast in his position, asserting that the House would not back President Biden’s comprehensive omnibus bill, which could potentially conceal substantial funding from the American public.

For the Senate to advance any legislation, whether it’s aimed at aiding Israel or maintaining government funding, cooperation with Speaker Johnson will be essential.

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5 Replies to “The New Speaker Scores His First Big Win

  1. Don’t bend, don’t compromise, tell Schumer to take it or shut the gov’t down.Stay strong ,no more rino behavior

  2. Love that he’s passing one-item bills so everybody knows where everybody stands. Just hope he doesn’t do what McCarthy did and cave to the Democrats.

  3. He is a total idiot and this spending bill is just a waste of time. The Senate will not pass it along with the President. Even the non partisan CBO said this bill, by defunding the IRS, would cost the taxpayer’s billions because there would not be enough IRS Agents to properly audit billionaires and millionaires!!!!

    1. LOL. The total idiots have been exposed. CBO…NON PARTISAN. Wake up. The only people costing the tax payers billions are the democrats and bidenomics

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