The Major Kamala Problem!

Kamala Harris

In a recent article published by The Patriot Post, concerns about President Joe Biden’s mental and physical capabilities have been raised by many Americans. However, the Democrats find themselves in a challenging situation as their heir apparent, Vice President Kamala Harris, has faced criticism for her gaffes, inane statements, and high staff turnover. While Harris appears competent on the issue of abortion, even that stance has raised questions about the Democratic Party’s position on abortion limits. These concerns have prompted calls for Harris to step aside in 2024 or for Biden to consider another running mate.

During an interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Harris was asked about the appropriate week of pregnancy to cut off abortion access. Instead of providing a direct answer, she repeatedly emphasized her commitment to restoring the protections of Roe v. Wade. This evasion did little to alleviate the fears of less radical Democrats and independents who worry that the party supports late-term abortions. Harris’s inability to address this issue effectively has made her a liability for the Democratic Party.

Even within her own party, Harris faces challenges. Notably, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi declined to explicitly endorse her during a recent interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Pelosi attempted to convince both herself and the public that Harris is politically astute, despite her unpopularity. When asked if Harris is Biden’s best choice, Pelosi stated that “he thinks so,” but also suggested that the role of the vice president doesn’t require much action. Nevertheless, Harris’s consistent displays of incompetence are unlikely to benefit the Democrats.

In 2020, Biden’s selection of Harris as vice president was widely seen as an attempt to appeal to her identity as a black woman rather than her qualifications or popularity. More recently, Sunny Hostin of “The View” highlighted the importance of Harris in securing the black vote for Biden’s potential reelection. Hostin emphasized that Harris is not interchangeable with another running mate. This underscores the challenge faced by Democrats when they employ identity politics to pander to specific minority groups.

The core issue for the Democratic Party revolves around the consequences of their choices in 2020. Selecting a running mate based on identity rather than qualifications has led to challenges and criticisms for Harris. As the Biden-Harris ticket faces criticism for its policies, economic performance, and global reputation, there is hope among some that the American public will choose a more competent leadership duo in the future.

In conclusion, Vice President Kamala Harris’s performance and reputation have become a growing concern for the Democratic Party. Her inability to address critical issues effectively and her unpopularity, even within her own party, have led to calls for her to step aside in 2024. The use of identity politics in her selection as Biden’s running mate has also posed challenges for the Democrats, as they grapple with the consequences of their choices. As the Biden-Harris administration faces criticism on multiple fronts, the question remains whether the American public will seek a more competent leadership duo in the future.

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  1. She is the stupidest person I have seen She cannot answer simple questions She keeps citing that we need to put Roe V Wade back on the books If she had brains enough then she would understand that there is nothing in out Constitution regarding abortion She is so fucking stupid to comprehend what is happening in the real world She has no business having any leadership position When she sat on the Senate panel for Supreme Court and she I say lied because she had people put together lies She changed footage that made the Court hopeful to make them look like they were saying something completely different This is lying and trying to make someone look like they are lying when in fact she is the liar I would not trust her to watch my dog much less our country She is a hopeless idiot and where she got her education but they should be ashamed of giving her a diploma and I do mean GIVING her degree because she and AOC are the 2 people that you would think they didn’t finish high school

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