The Left Throws Joe Biden Under the Bus: Nightmare Scenario for Democrats!

joe biden under a bus

In a developing narrative that could reshape the political landscape, the Democratic Party is grappling with rising apprehensions about President Joe Biden’s health and speculations regarding his potential withdrawal from the 2024 presidential race. The origins of this story lie in the concerns expressed by several Democrats, who have voiced their reservations about Biden’s physical and mental well-being, amid a backdrop of a rapidly aging political landscape.

Sharon Sweda, the leader of the Democratic Party in Lorain County, Ohio, didn’t mince her words when she remarked, “He is in a period of his life where passing and death is imminent.” Sweda’s candid acknowledgment of the mortality that comes with age mirrors the sentiments of many within the Democratic Party who worry about the president’s ability to withstand the rigors of his position at the age of 81, a milestone he’s set to reach in November. “We are all on a ticking clock,” she emphasized, “but when you’re at his age, that clock is ticking a little faster, and that’s a concern for voters.”

This week, Biden’s age and health have come under further scrutiny after a noticeable incident at a private fundraising event in New York, where he repeated the same story twice within a span of minutes. This episode has fueled concerns about his cognitive fitness. Additionally, during an interaction with the Brazilian president, the 80-year-old president almost toppled the Brazilian flag and relied on notecards and a pre-written script to communicate. These incidents have further exacerbated doubts about his ability to lead effectively.

A Democratic lawmaker who spoke to the Washington Post shared what many within the party consider a “nightmare scenario.” They fear that President Biden could secure the nomination and then be compelled to withdraw from the race due to health problems. “The worst-case scenario is we get past the nominating process with President Biden as the nominee, and then he’s no longer able to continue as the nominee,” the lawmaker cautioned.

A recent Associated Press poll conducted last month adds weight to these concerns, with a striking 77 percent of voters indicating that Biden is too old to serve another four years in office. Notably, this sentiment is echoed by 69 percent of Democratic voters, suggesting that these anxieties cut across party lines. Democratic strategist James Carville, a prominent figure within the party, has expressed his worry that these fears surrounding President Biden’s age “could lower voter turnout.” He emphasized that these concerns were not confined to a single poll but have been consistently reflected in various surveys.

“Voters don’t want this, and that’s in poll after poll after poll,” Carville stated in an interview with the New York Times, underscoring the broad-based nature of the apprehensions about Biden’s age. Meanwhile, Representative Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) asserted that there are other candidates with “a far better chance and don’t have the actuarial risk that the president has.” These comments suggest that within Democratic ranks, the desire for a more youthful and vigorous candidate is becoming increasingly prevalent.

A CNN poll has provided further insights into the Democratic electorate’s mindset, with two-thirds of Democratic voters expressing a desire for an alternative to the party’s current candidate. Simultaneously, only a quarter of Americans believe that President Biden possesses the stamina and sharpness necessary to serve effectively as president.

As these concerns about President Biden’s health and candidacy continue to gain momentum, it remains to be seen how they will shape the Democratic Party’s strategies and choices leading up to the 2024 presidential election. The party must navigate the delicate balance between acknowledging these concerns and maintaining unity among its ranks, all while searching for a candidate who can inspire confidence in both Democrats and the broader American electorate.

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