The First American Hamas Hostage Released is Related to a Hunter Biden Art Buyer

Hunter Biden doing artwork

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Emerging reports have linked Ms. Elizabeth Hirsch Naftali, great-aunt of the youngest American hostage recently released by Hamas, to a complex web of political and art dealings involving Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden. According to Real Clear Investigations’ journalist Benjamin Weingarten, Naftali’s past purchase of Hunter Biden’s artwork has raised eyebrows, particularly in light of her subsequent appointment by President Biden to the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad.

This connection has sparked a wave of concerns regarding potential conflicts of interest and nepotism within the Biden administration. The timeline of Naftali’s art acquisition – whether it occurred before or after her commission appointment – remains unclear, adding fuel to the controversy.

Further complicating the matter is Hunter Biden’s business associate, Eric Schwerin, who also served on the same commission, appointed during the Obama administration. This overlap has drawn attention to the Biden family’s political and business networks.

The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, led by Republican Congressman James Comer (R-KY), initiated a probe in July into Hunter Biden’s art career. The focus is on the potential misuse of art transactions for influence peddling and gaining access to the White House.

Despite White House assurances of confidentiality regarding art purchasers, it was disclosed that Democrat donor Elizabeth Hirsch Naftali, a buyer of Hunter Biden’s art, was appointed by President Biden to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad. Congressman Comer has issued letters to Naftali seeking clarity on her art purchase, her appointment, and the White House’s involvement in the art sale process.

The investigation also delves into Hunter Biden’s influence in positioning his business partner, Eric Schwerin, on the commission during Joe Biden’s vice presidency. The broader scrutiny encompasses the Biden family’s international and domestic influence-peddling activities, including high-priced artwork sales by the President’s son.

Hunter Biden’s art dealer, George Bergès, has yet to respond to the Committee’s inquiries regarding the art dealings.

This unfolding story continues to develop, with implications for the Biden administration’s transparency and ethical practices, particularly concerning foreign and domestic financial engagements involving family members and associates.

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