The FBI: The Nation’s Top Criminal Organization…


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has recently come under intense scrutiny for its numerous alleged violations of the law, which have undermined the very principles and values it is meant to uphold. In a shocking revelation, it has been discovered that the FBI actively obstructed the appointment of officials by former President Donald Trump. This revelation has sparked a nationwide debate about the role of the FBI in our democracy and the need for accountability.

In the early days of the Trump administration, the FBI is said to have deliberately undermined the appointment of officials who were in line with the President’s policies and beliefs. This was done by actively searching for minor issues that could be used to prevent these officials from being approved. At the same time, the FBI is said to have given preferential treatment to those who were opposed to the Trump administration.

In addition to this, the FBI has also been accused of violating the Privacy Act of 1974, which outlines a code of practices for the collection and dissemination of information on individuals by federal agencies. The FBI is said to have failed to maintain the guidelines of the Act, thereby exposing the personal information of Trump’s nominees during the vetting process.

This is not the first time the FBI has been embroiled in controversy. During the nomination of now-Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the FBI is said to have provided lists of potential nominees to U.S. Senate committee members, which did not filter out unsubstantiated allegations.

Despite these allegations, many on the right are calling for accountability, and there is a growing demand for the Biden administration to put in place new guidelines to prevent the FBI from engaging in such actions in the future.

The FBI’s actions have led to widespread public distrust in the agency and have raised serious questions about its role in our democracy. It is important that those in positions of authority take a stand and demand accountability and transparency from the FBI to restore public trust in the agency.

In conclusion, the FBI’s actions have been a cause for concern and have raised serious questions about its role in our democracy. It is important that steps are taken to hold the agency accountable for its actions and to ensure that it is working to uphold the principles and values of our democracy.

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  1. Yes the FBI are THE biggest threat to the Country They are dem mafia run They took out Kennedy and that has never been shown how They also have the DOJ working with them JE Hoover had something on any one that had money so he could get them to do thigs his way And what they have now are even more OPEN with there crimes One Could say the BLM and Muslumm are right up there with them But that is because the FBI lets them by not going after them and there crimes

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