The 10 Most Startling News Events You Were Kept in the Dark About from Last Week!

Top 10 Not Reported News Stories

#10 Senator Rand Paul Initiates Legal Action Against Fauci on Criminal Grounds.

#9 Following James O’Keefe’s Exposé, Calls to Boycott Best Buy Emerge, Drawing Parallels to the Bud Light Boycott.

#8 Controversy Arises as Biden’s FBI Conducts Operation Resulting in Fatal Encounter with 75-Year-Old Man Linked to Social Media Posts.

#7 Tucker Carlson’s Interview with Andrew Tate Gains Nearly 100 Million Views on 𝕏, Highlighting the Shifting Media Landscape.

#6 Biden Seeks Additional $40 Billion for Ukraine, Amid Criticisms for Lack of Transparency in Fund Allocation.

#5 Former President Donald Trump Condemns J6 Committee for Allegedly Destroying Records, Deeming it a ‘Criminal Act’.

#4 Uganda Faces World Bank Funding Suspension Due to Adoption of Anti-Homosexuality Act.

#3 Elon Musk’s X Faces $350,000 Fine for Non-Compliance with DOJ Search Warrant Tied to President Donald Trump’s Twitter.

#2 Secret Chinese COVID BioLab Allegedly Received Over $400,000 in Funding from California Governor Gavin Newsom.

#1 FBI Unearths Extensive Voter Fraud Scheme in Michigan, Revealing Numerous Fake Registrations, Pre-Paid Gift Cards, Weapons, and Alleged Democrat-Linked Operations Across Multiple States.

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