Soros-Backed, State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby Convicted of Perjury…

Marilyn Mosby

Soros-Backed State’s Attorney, Found Guilty of Perjury and False Mortgage Application

State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, financially backed by George Soros, was found guilty on two federal counts of perjury. The charges stem from an indictment on federal charges and a false mortgage application filed in 2022. This verdict marks a pivotal moment in Mosby’s tumultuous career, which has been marred by controversy and legal challenges.

Mosby, known for her role in the Freddie Gray case where she erroneously charged officers with incorrect personal details, faced a significant setback as the charges against the police were eventually dropped. Despite these setbacks, she maintained a defiant tone, stating, “I’m blessed. I’m blessed. I have nothing else to say,” as she exited the courthouse.

Assistant US Attorney Zelensky criticized Mosby’s actions, highlighting her misuse of COVID-19 relief measures. Further, Assistant US Attorney Erek Barron expressed respect for the jury’s decision, underscoring the commitment to upholding the rule of law and protecting civil rights.

Mosby’s approach to law enforcement, particularly her decision in 2021 to not prosecute drug possession and other low-level offenses, has been a topic of debate. She defended her stance by arguing the lack of public safety value in prosecuting these offenses, especially for Black Americans, whom she claimed could face severe consequences for minor infractions.

CNN reported on the specifics of Mosby’s charges, detailing her not-guilty plea to counts of perjury and making false statements. These charges were related to her application for loans to withdraw money from her retirement accounts, a provision of the CARES Act. Despite her substantial salary, Mosby falsely indicated financial distress due to the pandemic. Moreover, she neglected to disclose her $45,000 debt in federal back taxes and falsely claimed primary residence in a property she intended to rent out.

Mosby’s conviction carries a potential sentence of up to five years in prison for each perjury count. Additionally, she faces separate charges for making false mortgage applications for vacation homes. The trial date for these charges remains unannounced.

This case has attracted significant attention due to Mosby’s high profile and the involvement of George Soros in her career. It underscores ongoing debates about prosecutorial conduct, the ethics of political backing, and the integrity of legal processes in high-stakes cases.

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    Why are most of these rabid communists Either Satan worshipers of Black that are after Trump? Just asking. Except for the whole of the Obama Biden Puppets: How is it that Soros funded these like he did Obama a nobody?

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