Secret Chinese Lab Raided, Revealing 20 Lethal Agents Including COVID and HIV…

Illegal Chinese Biolab

Illegal Chinese-Linked Biomedical Lab Discovered in Central California, Housing Unlicensed Mice and Infectious Agents

Reedley, California – After an extensive investigation spanning several months, authorities have stumbled upon an illicit biomedical laboratory in Reedley, Central California. The lab, which operated without proper licensing, was rife with unlicensed mice, medical waste, refrigerators, and a collection of potentially hazardous infectious agents.

City Manager of Reedley, Nicole Zieba, confirmed that the facility was leased by Prestige Biotech, a Chinese-linked company registered in Nevada. The investigation had been initiated due to suspicions of an illegal operation being conducted within the premises.

Assistant Director for the Fresno County of Public Health, Joe Prado, disclosed that the lab had been using mice in unconventional experiments related to COVID-19 testing. “The lab was using mice ‘to see whether or not the COVID test kits were actually testing for COVID,'” Prado stated.

The initial breakthrough in the investigation occurred when a local code enforcement officer noticed a garden hose protruding from the rear of the building. Acting upon this discovery, the state ordered an inspection of the premises. Within the confines of the illegal lab, health inspectors were met with a shocking sight – nearly 1,000 lab mice, 200 of which were deceased. The inspectors also encountered thousands of vials containing various substances, including human blood.

Prompt action was taken, and the lab was promptly shut down in early July. A collaborative effort between local, state, and federal agencies was initiated to dispose of the materials in a safe and proper manner. The lack of essential safety measures in the lab alarmed Prado, who noted, “There was just a complete absence of those controls in place at the warehouse.”

Intriguingly, the lab seemed to have a focus on COVID-19 diagnostics, operating under the cover of darkness without a legitimate business license. Prestige Biotech, the company behind the facility, claimed it aimed to become a diagnostics lab.

The discovery prompted an additional investigation into the premises, as authorities determined that the lab had been in operation since October 2022. Emails exchanged between city officials and Xiuquin Yao, the president of Prestige Biotech, revealed that the company had taken over assets from Universal Meditech Inc. (UMI), a defunct entity. The assets were transferred from a Fresno site to the Reedley warehouse.

Fresno County authorities called in assistance from federal agencies, including the FBI, after determining that individuals were working inside the building. The inspection revealed numerous vessels containing various substances, biological material, and medical devices suspected to have been developed on-site, such as COVID-19 and pregnancy tests.

The magnitude of the discovery led to a series of seizures and euthanizations of mice, as well as the involvement of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC’s analysis of the numerous refrigerators and freezers revealed at least 20 potentially infectious agents, including well-known pathogens such as HIV, COVID-19, rubella, and malaria.

The case has raised concerns about illegal and unregulated biomedical operations, the mishandling of potentially hazardous materials, and the need for stricter oversight in the field. Authorities are now working to hold those responsible for the operation of the lab accountable for their actions, while also taking measures to ensure public safety in the wake of this alarming discovery.

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