Reporter Asks John Kirby Best Question Ever About Biden ‘Making Stuff Up’?

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In a media landscape often criticized for partisanship, there are occasional moments when journalists break through the political narrative and seek answers to pressing questions. Such a moment occurred recently when a reporter confronted White House Press Secretary John Kirby about President Joe Biden’s series of misstatements regarding the 9/11 anniversary. This incident sheds light on the ongoing debate surrounding media scrutiny of political figures and raises concerns about honesty and accountability in the current administration.

The story, originally reported by Red State, highlights the tension between the White House’s attempts to control media narratives and the persistence of some reporters in holding leaders accountable. On this occasion, the journalist in question was unyielding in demanding clarity regarding President Biden’s inaccurate statements about his whereabouts and experiences on the day after the 9/11 attacks.]

The reporter began by outlining several instances in which President Biden had made false claims. “In the past couple of weeks, Joe Biden has lied about being at Ground Zero the day after the 9/11 attacks,” the journalist stated, highlighting one of the most significant inaccuracies in the President’s statements. The reporter continued, listing other instances where Biden had made unverified claims, such as witnessing the Pittsburgh bridge collapse and the false assertion that his grandfather had died in the hospital days before his birth.

The critical question posed by the journalist was one that had been on many people’s minds: “What is going on with Joe Biden? Is he just believing things that didn’t happen? Or is he just unintelligible making stuff up?” It was a straightforward inquiry, aimed at understanding whether President Biden was deliberately deceiving the public or whether there were other factors at play.

John Kirby, tasked with defending the administration’s narrative, responded with a statement that some observers found difficult to accept. He claimed that President Biden was “deeply touched and honored to spend 9/11 with military members there in Alaska, and some families.” Kirby stated that Biden was “honored by their presence” and had made an “important set of remarks” on that day about the significance of remembering the September 11 attacks. Kirby’s response, however, seemed out of touch with the gravity of the situation.

The reporter and many others were quick to criticize Kirby’s response. The notion that President Biden was “honored” on 9/11, despite not visiting any attack sites in commemoration of the anniversary, seemed contradictory. It was a response that only fueled the perception that the administration was attempting to divert attention from Biden’s inaccuracies rather than addressing them directly.

Further scrutiny revealed that Biden’s Alaska visit with troops, presented as an attempt to make amends for his absence at Ground Zero, was marred by another misstatement. The President had falsely claimed to have been at Ground Zero in New York City the day after the attacks when, in reality, he was in Washington, D.C. This revelation added fuel to the fire of criticism directed at Kirby and the White House, as it raised questions about Biden’s honesty and the administration’s commitment to transparency.

Kirby’s responses to these questions left many frustrated and disillusioned. It was suggested that if he had any sense of honor, he would resign rather than perpetuate falsehoods. This incident raised broader concerns about the lack of accountability and transparency in the current White House, with critics arguing that such issues erode public trust and contribute to a growing sense of disillusionment among the American people.

In an era where the media’s role in holding political leaders accountable is continually debated, this exchange between a persistent journalist and the White House spokesperson serves as a reminder of the importance of transparency, honesty, and integrity in public discourse. It also underscores the challenges faced by journalists who strive to maintain their independence and commitment to truth in an environment often characterized by partisanship and spin. The incident will undoubtedly continue to be a topic of discussion, as the public seeks answers and accountability from its leaders.

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2 Replies to “Reporter Asks John Kirby Best Question Ever About Biden ‘Making Stuff Up’?

  1. I think Joe Biden is the lyingest bastard and the biggest crook that’s ever been in the White House, I think we have the most corrupt administration in the world right now!

  2. What a great line from Andrew Malcolm “Wait! You mean Joe Biden wasn’t an All American career truck driver at the Naval Academy when his house burned down, nearly?” He could add a few more but that’s a start!

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