Prominent Democrats Turn On Biden Over Open Border Policies!


Slay News Several prominent Democrats are voicing their dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden’s approach to border policies, as the ongoing migrant crisis continues to wreak havoc on communities across the nation. From Massachusetts to Arizona, local officials are venting their frustration over the influx of illegal border crossers, putting pressure on the administration to address the situation.

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey, a Democrat, has taken a firm stance on the issue, declaring a state of emergency due to the migrant crisis in her state. In a letter to federal authorities, Healey expressed her disappointment with the lack of federal action and demanded that the Biden administration provide financial support to deal with the nearly 5,600 migrant families and over 20,000 individuals currently in state shelters.

“Massachusetts has stepped up to address what sadly has been a federal crisis of inaction that is many years in the making,” Healey wrote.

Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez, a Democrat, is challenging President Biden to witness the overwhelmed migrant camps in his city, which has now become a top destination for undocumented immigrants. In an open letter, Lopez urged the president to acknowledge the city’s struggles and the impact of lax federal response on the crisis.

“In Joe Biden’s American, every state is a border state. Now that their backyards have become the border because this crisis has gotten so out of hand under the Democrats, they’re now acting like they always supported securing the border,” countered Savannah Viar, spokeswoman for the Republican National Congressional Committee.

Critics are pointing fingers at liberal policies such as those in New York City and Massachusetts that provide shelter to migrants, suggesting they have inadvertently exacerbated the border crisis. However, Mayor Eric Adams of New York City, who initially welcomed migrants with “open arms,” is now accusing the federal government of abandoning the city amid what he terms a “humanitarian crisis” that could cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

The discontent has not been confined to a few isolated voices. Arizona Senator Mark Kelly, a Democrat, criticized what he called “dumb” border policies, while Governor Katie Hobbs and Congressman Ruben Gallegos of the same state have also expressed their concerns over the surge in illegal border crossings. The Tucson region in Arizona, for instance, has seen up to 1,900 migrants a day, more than double the figures from June.

The situation has ignited debate even within the Democratic Party, with some members criticizing Biden’s border security policies for being excessively stringent and limiting the entry of “asylum seekers.” Earlier this year, over 70 Democrats signed a letter chastising the administration for its policies restricting asylum access for migrants arriving at the Southern Border.

Amidst this growing chorus of Democratic dissent, Biden’s response to the criticism remains a focal point. With his lead challenger in the 2024 Democratic primary, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., denouncing the administration’s actions, the pressure on Biden to address the situation has intensified. Experts suggest that these vocal challenges from within his own party could push the president to reevaluate and potentially adjust his border policies.

As the nation grapples with the complex issue of border security, the voices of these Democrats are highlighting a divided perspective within the party itself. The ongoing migrant crisis is far from a simple challenge, and the various calls for action reflect the complexity of the situation and the urgency to find effective solutions. Slay News will continue to follow this story and provide updates on the evolving discourse surrounding President Biden’s border policies.

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