Pentagon Official Charged With Running Dogfighting Ring!

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A senior communications official at the Defense Department has been arrested on charges related to his alleged participation in an illegal dog fighting ring that operated for over two decades in the Washington, D.C. area. The story, originally reported by Town Hall, has sent shockwaves through the community and raised serious questions about the extent of this operation and its implications.

Maryland resident Frederick Douglass Moorefield Jr., who held the position of deputy chief information officer for command, control, and communications for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, was apprehended along with an associate, Mario Damon Flythe, both facing charges of “promoting and furthering” a dog fighting venture, according to a press release by the Department of Justice.

This disturbing revelation sheds light on the clandestine world of dog fighting, an illegal and inhumane activity that has remained hidden for far too long. Moorefield and Flythe allegedly used an encrypted messaging app to orchestrate their operations, which they referred to as “the DMV Board.” Their conversations extended across the United States, discussing topics ranging from dog training methods for fights to sharing videos depicting the cruel practice. They even planned and bet on these events, exchanged media reports about individuals caught in similar activities, and communicated strategies to evade law enforcement.

The gravity of their actions becomes apparent as authorities uncovered a grim scene during their investigation. At Moorefield and Flythe’s residences, they discovered 12 dogs in distressing conditions. Alongside these helpless animals, veterinary steroids, training schedules, a bloodied carpet, and a horrifying “device consisting of an electrical plug and jumper cables, which the affidavit alleges is consistent with devices used to execute dogs that lose dogfights,” were seized, as stated by the DOJ.

Disturbingly, this wasn’t the first time that authorities had been alerted to Moorefield and Flythe’s activities. For years, Anne Arundel County authorities had received complaints about the pair. In a particularly chilling incident in November 2018, county animal control responded to a report of two dead dogs discovered in a plastic dog food bag in Annapolis, just six miles from Moorefield’s residence. Among the evidence found at the scene, mail addressed to Moorefield was also uncovered.

During their investigation, Special Agent Daly spoke to Moorefield on the day of the raid. Shockingly, Moorefield not only confirmed his involvement but also revealed that he operated under the name “Geehad Kennels.” Furthermore, he acknowledged that local animal control and law enforcement had previously visited his property. Flythe, on the other hand, admitted to his involvement in dogfighting under the alias “Razor Sharp Kennels” to an FBI agent.

The Pentagon’s response to these revelations was swift but brief. Pentagon spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Tim Gorman stated, “The DOD was aware of the criminal complaint filed against Moorefield and confirmed the individual is no longer in the workplace.” However, Gorman refrained from providing additional details or comments.

The arrest of a high-ranking Defense Department official in connection with a heinous dog fighting operation is undoubtedly a grave matter. It not only tarnishes the reputation of the department but also raises questions about how such activities could go on for decades unnoticed. The alleged use of encrypted messaging apps and elaborate communication networks further underscores the audacity of this operation and the need for stronger law enforcement measures to combat such cruel practices.

Animal rights activists and organizations have long campaigned against dog fighting, highlighting its brutality and the severe harm it inflicts on innocent animals. This case serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced in eradicating such underground operations and emphasizes the importance of continued vigilance and stricter penalties for those involved.

As this investigation unfolds, it will undoubtedly prompt a broader discussion about the extent of illegal dog fighting rings in the United States, the role of law enforcement agencies in combating them, and the need for legislative changes to better protect animals and hold perpetrators accountable. The shocking nature of this case underscores the urgency of addressing these issues comprehensively to ensure that such cruelty does not persist in the shadows for years to come.

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