Our National Security is Torn: The Numbers Are Staggering…

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Unprecedented Surge: September Marks Highest-Ever Encounters with Illegal Crossings, CBP Data Reveals

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) data has disclosed a record-breaking number of encounters with illegal immigrants attempting to cross into the country this September, totaling at an astounding 269,735 incidents. This figure not only marks the highest ever recorded in a single month but also brings the total for the fiscal year to a staggering 2,475,669 illegal crossings, setting a new record.

The figures, released early Saturday morning, have raised eyebrows, suggesting a deliberate attempt to minimize public scrutiny. The timing of the release, coupled with the alarming numbers, has ignited a firestorm of concern and criticism.

Among the illegal crossings, 169 individuals on the FBI’s terror watchlist were encountered, surpassing the total from all previous years combined. This alarming statistic is further exacerbated by reports of over 1.6 million ‘gotaways’ – individuals who successfully evaded capture. Border Patrol leadership has testified that there are likely hundreds of thousands more unknown gotaways, raising serious questions about national security.

The San Diego Field Office Intelligence Division of Customs and Border Protection has issued a memo warning that terrorists from Hamas, PIJ, and Hezbollah are likely exploiting this surge to infiltrate the country. The memo underscores the gravity of the situation, highlighting the potential for foreign fighters and ideologically motivated individuals to use the chaotic border situation to their advantage.

Donald Trump Jr., reacting to the CBP figures, described the situation as an invasion. He highlighted the gravity of the issue, pointing to the 267 terrorists caught, the over 8 million illegal aliens since the Biden administration took office, and the 72,823 special interest aliens from countries known to harbor terrorism over the last two years. Trump Jr. concluded his statement by accusing the Democrats of deliberately orchestrating the situation, claiming that it poses an existential threat to the country.

As the nation grapples with the implications of these figures, the release of this data on a quiet Saturday morning does little to quell the growing concern over border security and its impact on national safety. The unprecedented surge in illegal crossings, coupled with the alarming number of potential terrorists encountered, highlights a critical juncture for the country’s border policy and security measures.

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  1. and the LIBERAL Comunists still support Biden Obama?? Seriously!! – Hopefully they get theirs first by way of the natural law of reaping what you sow. I wanted NO one to be put in harms way, no one not us or them, but the liberal Communists want chaos, discord, violence and Cheat to get it so oh well… you wanted it you got it: No Toyota just Terrorists

  2. Shut every inch of the border. No one comes in period. Build the wall completely across the southern border Stop all entry points. Start shipping immigrants back to their home countries now

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