Operation Prosperity Guardian: A Titanic Failure in the Red Sea…

Bidens filure in the red sea

In a recent development, the Biden administration’s new multi-national task force, dubbed “Operation Prosperity Guardian,” has been met with mixed reactions and a series of setbacks. The operation aimed to protect Red Sea shipping lanes from Houthi attacks, but it seems to have fallen apart almost as soon as it began.

French representatives reportedly stormed out of the initial meeting due to disagreements over the mission focus. French ships are now being escorted by French vessels, leaving the fate of other nations’ ships uncertain. The United States has a legal obligation to protect US-flagged vessels, yet they remain dead in the water, waiting for an escort.

The US Navy is also facing challenges, with only six of its Littoral Combat Ships equipped for escort duty. The remaining LCS ships are outfitted for minehunting. The US has been criticized for not having enough warships available for the operation.

The Biden administration’s plan to safeguard Red Sea trade from the Houthis has been compared to their handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, with many questioning the competence of the decision-makers. Allies have shown varying levels of support, with some declining to participate altogether.

Despite the Pentagon’s announcement of an international mission to counter attacks on commercial vessels in the Red Sea, the plan has been met with skepticism due to its limited scope and lack of coherent strategy. The operation has only ten member nations, far fewer than the anti-piracy task force already operating in the region.

The situation in the Red Sea has the potential to escalate, with one expert warning that if the Houthis manage to land a successful attack on a US destroyer, President Biden will have no choice but to retaliate forcefully. This could lead to an expansion of the conflict in the region.

In conclusion, the Biden administration’s Red Sea security plan has been met with significant criticism and challenges, raising concerns about its effectiveness and the potential for further escalation in the region.

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  1. Biden made a huge mistake when he cancelled any and all accomplishments from Trump administration in a perfect example of his inability to lead. The whole Biden team suffers from incompetence.

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