Newly Verified Video Debunks the Official Capitol Riot Narrative

Jan6th Footage Verified Authentic

Congressional investigators have obtained hours of video footage from undercover officers dispatched by the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) to the U.S. Capitol during the January 6th riot. This critical piece of evidence has the potential to reshape the ongoing debate about the extent of law enforcement’s involvement during the events of that day.

The footage, reviewed by Just the News, ranges from scenes documenting the tear gas impact on Capitol Police officers to more provocative moments where plainclothes MPD officers appear to encourage rioters to climb scaffolding near the Capitol. In one video snippet, an officer can be heard saying, “Well, we go undercover as Antifa in the crowd,” while helping uniformed Capitol Police officers who had been affected by tear gas.

The authenticity of the footage has been verified, with the officer in plainclothes clearly identifiable by a badge hanging around his neck. The videos were recently turned over to investigators for the House Administration Oversight Subcommittee, which has been probing the official police response on January 6th.

Traditional body-worn cameras and portable surveillance cameras used by uniformed and undercover officers have provided valuable footage to congressional investigators. The newly revealed video footage comes from closed-circuit cameras carried by MPD’s undercover surveillance teams, adding a new layer of complexity to the ongoing investigation.

Congressional investigators are still uncertain whether the officer in question was referring to being undercover on January 6th as Antifa or referring to the earlier summer 2020 George Floyd and Black Lives Matter protests, which often included Antifa activists. However, it is clear that a significant presence of MPD officers, including those in plainclothes, was deployed to the January 6th scene as part of electronic surveillance teams.

Former DC Police Chief Robert J. Contee Jr. disclosed in a letter to the House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight that his department deployed nearly 1,500 officers and personnel from various components to the Capitol on January 6th, including undercover surveillance teams that were tasked with filming ongoing criminal activity. Former Capitol Police Chief Steve Sund expressed his surprise at the presence of MPD’s plainclothes surveillance officers during that day.

Chairman Barry Loudermilk of the House Administration Oversight Subcommittee emphasized the need for transparency and accountability, stating, “That is why we must continue to aggressively investigate and continue to follow the evidence where it leads.”

Sund also highlighted the importance of coordination and communication during such events to avoid “blue on blue” incidents, where uniformed and undercover officers might inadvertently confront each other.

As the investigation continues, more footage from the surveillance unit cameras is being reviewed, shedding light on lapses in security and law enforcement’s actions during the January 6th riot. Among the revelations are scenes of MPD officers encouraging rioters to climb scaffolding near the Capitol and security lapses that allowed unauthorized individuals to enter the Capitol.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene called for the release of the MPD bodycam footage to the public, raising important questions about the extent of undercover police involvement and their effectiveness in dealing with extremist groups like Antifa.

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  1. I certainly hope that all of the people involved in this sham are going to be prosecuted Everyone on that board lied and convicted innocent citizens It is far past time to clean out all of the garbage Pelosi and her appointed henchmen all better be serving time for what they have done They out and out lied every single day they sat there because they knew that there was no nothing The entire thing was a farce produced by Nancy Pelosi So if the jail that they put people in and some still remain it’s good enough for these lying pieces of garbage This is treason to our country and they need to be dealt with as such The entire thing was to bring down a President who was cheated out of his second term

  2. It is being brought to the light! They can not hide it forever it will come out! Now put those that ruined other peoples live by lying and cutting the tapes to what they wanted to show. Now put them behind bars where they belong!!!

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