Newly Released Videos Exposes Democrat Stuffing Ballot Drop Box!


John Gomes’ campaign has released a video that they claim provides compelling evidence of election tampering in the recent Bridgeport primary election. The video, which has sent shockwaves through the local political landscape, allegedly shows a supporter of incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim engaging in questionable actions outside the government center in Bridgeport. The incident, captured on video, is now at the center of a growing controversy.

The video, first made public on the Gomes campaign’s Facebook page, depicts a woman dropping stacks of papers into an absentee ballot box, strategically positioned outside the city’s registrar of voters office. Gomes’ campaign asserts that the woman in question is none other than Wanda Geter-Pataky, a staunch supporter of Mayor Ganim, and suggests that these actions were part of a deliberate effort to influence the outcome of the primary.

Connecticut state law places strict restrictions on who can return absentee ballots on behalf of voters, making the allegations even more concerning. The video came into the possession of the Gomes campaign shortly after the primary, prompting them to file a formal complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC). However, SEEC spokesman Josh Foley remained tight-lipped on the existence of the complaint, neither confirming nor denying its status in relation to the Bridgeport election.

Adding fuel to the fire, the Bridgeport Police Department has initiated an investigation into both the actions displayed in the video and the circumstances surrounding the video’s acquisition by the Gomes campaign. In a statement provided to the CT Mirror, the police department emphasized their commitment to a thorough inquiry, saying, “The Bridgeport Police Department is actively investigating information regarding possible misconduct based upon a video that has surfaced on social media.”

In response to these allegations, Mayor Ganim’s political campaign team issued a statement on Sunday morning, assuring that the entire matter had been forwarded to the Bridgeport police for a comprehensive investigation. However, the bulk of their statement focused on the origins of the video, asserting that it had been leaked from city surveillance footage. Notably, the video posted by the Gomes campaign includes timestamps, suggesting its origin from the city’s surveillance cameras.

John Gomes wasted no time addressing the issue, releasing a press statement on Saturday announcing a rally to “End Absentee Ballot Abuse in Bridgeport.” Furthermore, he revealed plans for a press conference scheduled at his campaign headquarters on Monday. Although the Gomes campaign did not explicitly state whether they intend to use the video footage to challenge the results of Tuesday’s election, their actions speak to the gravity of the situation.

The emergence of this video has raised important questions about the integrity of the election process in Bridgeport. As investigations by both the SEEC and the Bridgeport Police Department continue, the city awaits answers about what transpired on that fateful day and what impact, if any, it had on the primary’s outcome.

In the days ahead, all eyes will remain fixed on Bridgeport as residents and the nation at large anxiously await the resolution of this contentious issue. The fate of the Bridgeport primary election hangs in the balance as authorities delve deeper into the video’s implications, with both the Gomes and Ganim campaigns standing ready to defend their positions.

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  1. Cheating is something democrats have been doing for a long time. There have been numerous credible reports from many states of widespread cheating by the democrats.

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