Newly Exposed Corruption of the DOJ and the Biden Family

Hunter Biden and China

Irregularities Surface in DOJ’s Investigation of Patrick Ho and Biden Connection

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is facing allegations of misconduct regarding its 2017-2018 investigation and subsequent prosecution of Patrick Ho, the head of CEFC China Energy Co. A memo from the Heritage Foundation Oversight Project, obtained by Breitbart News, has highlighted various “irregularities” in the case.

Patrick Ho, whom Hunter Biden described as “the fucking spy chief of China,” was arrested in November 2017. By December the following year, the Southern District of New York found him guilty of violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and money laundering, sentencing him to a three-year prison term. Notably, Hunter Biden, who was supposedly offering legal services to Ho, received Ho’s first phone call post-arrest.

The newly revealed memo contends that post Ho’s conviction, “significant evidence has emerged identifying concerning irregularities with the DOJ investigation and prosecution.” This evidence implies the DOJ had been aware of ties between the Biden family and CEFC since at least 2017. The memo alleges the DOJ “acted to conceal this information from the public.” It also points to contact between Hunter Biden and FBI agents during Ho’s arrest and a subsequent “leak of investigatory information in the Ho case.”

Furthermore, the document points out that during the period when Ho was subjected to FISA surveillance, he frequently communicated with CEFC and the Biden family. This communication suggests the DOJ and FBI were probably aware of their business associations as early as 2016.

The memo also sheds light on the DOJ’s alleged deliberate effort to redact mentions of the Biden family, particularly Hunter Biden, during Ho’s 2018 trial. Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel Richenthal had reportedly requested redactions in an email for the case to avoid it having a “political dimension.” This email was later disclosed on Hunter Biden’s controversial “laptop from Hell.”

The Heritage Foundation memo further critiques the allowance of attorney-client privilege to Hunter Biden in Ho’s case, despite Hunter being a direct witness.

Mike Howell, Director for the Oversight Project at The Heritage Foundation, expressed concerns over the integrity of the justice system, emphasizing that these actions suggest an intentional effort to “bury this major national security threat.” He commented on the attempts to overlook the purported Biden family corruption, stating that the Heritage Foundation’s memo “tells another story of a rigged system of justice in America.”

Every claim made in the memo is reportedly supported by accompanying documentation. It also presents a series of questions, encouraging Congress to pursue answers in its impeachment inquiry. These questions pertain to the Intelligence Community’s understanding of CEFC’s links with the CCP and the Biden family, the surveillance by FBI and DOJ of communications between the Bidens and CEFC, and the impact of the Biden family on the investigation into Ho.

The memo ends by emphasizing the crucial role of the DOJ in being non-partisan and transparent. “In the case of the investigation and trial of Patrick Ho, the above evidence demonstrates both political motivation and a suspicious fact pattern that leaves the American people with more questions than answers,” the document states.

It concludes with a call to Congress, urging it to use its oversight powers for transparency in this pivotal case for the sake of national security and the American public.

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  1. Not only is this a “F–king spy chief of China, but also a  F–king mess and corruption of DOJ. The world is full of liars and corrupt officials. Now, whom can we trust? NO one, you say.

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