New Evidence Reveals Obama White House Assisted Biden Family Schemes

Barack Obama and Joe Biden at the White House

During Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President, he arranged special privileges for his son Hunter Biden during taxpayer-funded trips, which were allegedly related to his questionable business dealings with Chinese officials connected to the CCP. New emails obtained by America First Legal shed light on these activities.

These emails reveal how the Obama White House seemed complicit in coordinating Hunter Biden’s alleged influence-peddling schemes. In a lawsuit against the National Archives, evidence shows that Hunter received preferential treatment from the Obama Administration for his trips to China, where his involvement with the CCP-backed venture, BHR Partners, appeared to intersect with his role at Burisma.

Despite Joe Biden’s claims of a strict separation between his office and his son’s business dealings, previous revelations have shown Hunter’s close involvement with the Office of the Vice President regarding China-related meetings and visits.

In May 2014, emails demonstrate proactive efforts from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, Ambassador Max Baucus, and the Office of the Vice President to assist Hunter during his trips to China. Hunter’s Executive Assistant, Katie Dodge, expressed gratitude for their support.

Further emails indicate that Hunter was in contact with his BHR business partner, Jonathan Li, and the Chinese Ambassador, as detailed by the IRS ‘Whistleblower X,’ Special Agent Joseph Ziegler.

In February 2014, Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, and Jonathan Li established Rosemont Seneca Bohai to manage BHR’s equity and assist its Chinese government-owned counterpart in going private. In April 2014, Hunter joined Burisma’s board of directors.

Emails also suggest discussions about meetings with Ambassador Baucus related to their business activities.

Despite these revelations, it remains unclear whether another meeting with Ambassador Baucus took place. Hunter Biden accompanied his vice-presidential father on trips to at least 15 countries aboard Air Force Two, prompting inquiries from the Oversight Committee regarding their travels.

A House report from September has raised questions about financial transactions involving the Biden family and business partners with Ukraine, Russia, China, Romania, and Kazakhstan, totaling over $24 million.

Hunter Biden has defended himself against political opponents’ allegations, citing unfair targeting and his past drug use. The White House has faced scrutiny and changing narratives regarding the President’s knowledge and involvement in Hunter Biden’s alleged influence-peddling activities.

In summary, it appears that Joe Biden’s office may have played a significant role in facilitating his son Hunter’s controversial business dealings in Ukraine and China.

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