Mounting Evidence: Whistleblowers Expose FBI Cover-Up in Biden Bribery Allegations

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In a display of audacity, President Joe Biden shrugged off mounting allegations of corruption and laughed in the face of the public. Last week, when questioned about damning evidence in an FBI file suggesting that he accepted a $5 million bribe from a Ukrainian energy company during his vice presidency, Biden audaciously responded, “Where’s the money? It’s a bunch of malarkey.” But can we really take the President’s word at face value, considering his history of deception regarding his son Hunter’s involvement in an international “pay to play” scheme? To understand this audacity, we must delve into the context of whistleblower claims about an alleged FBI cover-up.

The frustration surrounding the five-year-long investigation into Hunter Biden’s questionable dealings was compounded by recent revelations of efforts to derail the case. President Biden’s dismissal of an FBI complaint alleging a $5 million bribe from a Ukrainian energy company further fueled concerns. However, two IRS whistleblowers shed light on the internal conflict that has plagued Delaware US Attorney David Weiss’ investigation into Hunter Biden since 2018. These whistleblowers allege interference from “main Justice” in Washington, D.C., the headquarters of the Justice Department, which resulted in delays and deviations from normal investigative processes.

The House Oversight Committee, led by Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.), played a crucial role in uncovering these claims. Comer forced the FBI, under the threat of contempt charges, to share an unclassified document known as an FD-1023. Dated June 30, 2020, the document contained allegations by a trusted FBI informant that Joe and Hunter Biden each received a $5 million bribe during Joe’s vice presidency. Astonishingly, this was not the first time the informant had made such an allegation; a similar claim had been buried in the FBI database in 2017.

Contrary to assertions by Comer’s Democratic counterpart, Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), that the bribery allegations were “debunked” and the case “closed down” in August 2020, former Attorney General Bill Barr confirmed that the FD-1023 had been provided to Weiss for his ongoing investigation into Hunter. However, members of Weiss’ team were reportedly unaware of the specific bribery allegation until it became public knowledge last week. In fact, at least one team member is believed to have testified under oath before Congress to express this lack of awareness.

This revelation raises two possible explanations: either someone within the FBI or the DOJ blocked the document from being shared, contrary to Barr’s orders, or Weiss received the document but failed to provide it to his IRS team despite its direct relevance to their investigation. Comer and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), a staunch advocate for whistleblowers, assert that the FBI did not thoroughly investigate the Biden bribery allegation.

To further substantiate these claims, Gary Shapley, a 14-year supervisory IRS agent involved in the Hunter Biden investigation, recently testified before the Republican-led House Ways and Means Committee. Shapley presented 23 pages of evidence documenting “egregious” deviations from normal investigative procedures and alleged preferential treatment benefiting Hunter. He had previously made internal complaints within the IRS, as well as to the Treasury Department and DOJ inspector generals.

However, on May 15, Shapley and his entire team of 12 investigators were abruptly removed from the Hunter Biden probe at the request of the DOJ. Another IRS whistleblower from Weiss’ team, who had worked on the case since its inception in 2018, subsequently testified to Congress, accusing the DOJ of inappropriate actions and suggesting that he was removed from the case for doing the right thing.

In the face of mounting evidence, the FBI continued to stonewall efforts to reveal the FD-1023. Even when reluctantly summoned to Capitol Hill for a confidential briefing with Comer, Raskin, and staff, four senior FBI executives persisted in misleading lawmakers. Raskin falsely claimed in a subsequent press conference that the bribery allegation had been debunked and the investigation closed down by the DOJ. However, Barr refuted these claims, stating that the investigation was ongoing and the FD-1023 had been provided to the Delaware investigation team for follow-up.

The FD-1023, unrelated to Rudy Giuliani’s involvement, contains detailed information obtained through interviews with the FBI informant. It references multiple meetings and phone calls involving Hunter Biden and Mykola Zlochevsky, the former Ukrainian ecology minister and owner of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company. The document outlines a bribery scheme wherein Zlochevsky paid both Hunter and Joe Biden $5 million each to ensure no problems arose for Burisma, including potential acquisitions of American oil and gas companies.

Despite the presentation of this FD-1023 to Weiss’ team in September 2020, questions remain regarding its handling and the lack of information shared with the rest of the investigators. Was it intentionally withheld, or did it go unnoticed? The ongoing investigations and the audacious response from President Biden underscore the urgency of understanding the truth and ensuring that justice is served.

In the face of audacity, the American people demand transparency, integrity, and accountability from their leaders. Only time will tell whether the truth will prevail and whether the Biden family’s alleged corruption will be properly investigated and addressed.

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