More Damning Video Drops About Hunter Biden and Air Force Two Usage


Lake Tahoe, a picturesque vacation spot, has recently become a backdrop for the Biden family’s leisure time. President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, are spending quality time together in the serene surroundings of the lake. However, this seemingly innocent vacation has sparked questions and controversy regarding Hunter’s presence and his past travel history.

The origin of this story, as reported by Red State, highlights that Hunter Biden traveled to Lake Tahoe separately from his father, flying commercial to maintain a low profile. This strategic move failed to prevent the public from learning about his presence, raising eyebrows about the intentions behind this vacation. As the Biden family’s business dealings continue to face scrutiny, this joint vacation further fuels speculation.

The report delves into the frequency of Hunter’s appearances alongside his father during various vacations and trips. Notably, Hunter accompanied Joe Biden on two trips to Camp David. Despite claims that business discussions are off the table during these outings, the family’s connection to a brewing business scandal leaves room for skepticism.

Interestingly, the report contrasts Hunter’s current travel arrangements with his past experiences. Hunter’s previous trips with Joe Biden on Air Force One and Air Force Two are brought into focus. The report highlights instances where Hunter allegedly took measures to avoid public attention, disembarking via different entrances or staircases to evade inquiries about his presence.

The heart of the issue lies in the number of trips Hunter has taken with his father and the nature of these excursions. The article references Fox News, which claims that Hunter “tagged along to at least 13 different countries” during Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President. These trips raise questions about potential business ties, as Hunter was allegedly setting up business calls and meetings during these travels.

Specific examples are cited to illustrate the extent of Hunter’s international companionship with Joe Biden. A trip to Croatia in 2015 is mentioned, where Hunter’s involvement in his father’s business matters is insinuated. Similarly, the report touches on a visit to Kosovo, accompanied by a photo of Hunter appearing upset, leading to speculations about his role during the trip. An email exchange between Hunter and a business associate, Vuk Jeremic, further piques curiosity about the nature of their discussions.

Vuk Jeremic, a former Serbian foreign minister and ex-president of the UN Nations General Assembly, is identified as a recurring figure in Hunter’s travels. His connection to CEFC, a Chinese energy company, raises concerns about potential influence peddling. The report highlights an email where Hunter invites Jeremic to join him in the motorcade to the airport, shedding light on the potential overlap of business and personal matters.

The controversy expands beyond specific instances of travel as Hunter’s presence during Joe Biden’s official visits to various countries also comes under scrutiny. Trips to Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, and Italy are mentioned, with questions arising about the ethics of allowing family members to accompany the Vice President on such occasions.

The report also brings to light Hunter’s request for Secret Service protection during visits to Egypt, South Africa, and Kenya, which coincided with his father’s official trips on Air Force Two. This alignment raises further questions about the extent of Hunter’s involvement in official matters.

To emphasize the seriousness of the allegations, the report features an interview with Michael Franzese, a “former mobster,” who draws parallels between Hunter’s alleged actions and his own experiences with shell companies. Franzese’s insights add weight to the claim that these activities could warrant legal consequences.

As the controversy deepens, Democrats face the challenge of defending the Biden family’s travel and business history. The evolving narrative raises important ethical and legal questions that continue to demand answers. Amidst the serene beauty of Lake Tahoe, the storm of controversy surrounding Hunter Biden’s travels shows no signs of abating.

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  1. A possible reason is that Joe Biden is grooming his son to become a politician, get elected by questionable means to some sort of office, and keep the corruption dynasty going for the family.

    1. Now tell me, who in this fricking hell would hire a dope head? A crack head and a brain-dead misfit? Answer: No one!

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