Mitch McConnell Brings Back the ‘Axis of Evil’…

Mitch McConnell Interview

In a bold statement during his appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) referred to China, Iran, and Russia as the new “axis of evil,” expressing deep concerns over their increasing threats to the United States.

“The situation is dire, and we need to address it as such. These countries are actively working against American interests, and we cannot afford to take this lightly,” McConnell emphasized.

Highlighting the urgent need for a strong response, he called this an emergency situation, urging the Biden administration and U.S. allies to enforce stringent sanctions, particularly on Tehran. McConnell believes that the previous withdrawal from Afghanistan has inadvertently empowered adversaries, stating, “I think that was like giving a green light to Putin to go into Ukraine.”

Connecting the dots between the actions of these nations, McConnell pointed out the collaborative efforts between Iran and Russia, noting the use of drones supplied by Iran in conflicts, and emphasizing the intricate web of relations that tie these nations together. “We’re dealing with a complex situation where these countries are supporting one another in their endeavors against the free world,” he said.

Further analysis from Cheng Chin-mo, a Taiwan-based expert in Russia and international relationships, reinforces McConnell’s concerns. In a recent interview with The Epoch Times, Cheng identified a new alliance forming between the Kremlin, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), North Korea, and Iran, based on public interactions and comments made by the leaders of these nations.

The United States has been proactive in its response, imposing sanctions on Chinese entities involved in aiding Iran’s ballistic missile and drone programs. However, McConnell insists that more needs to be done to protect American interests and support its allies. “It’s an overall effort by Chinese, Russians, Iranians to go after the free world. And the Israelis are feeling the pinch at the moment more than anyone else, and we need to stick with them,” he remarked.

During a separate interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation,” McConnell included North Korea in the list of nations comprising the new “axis of evil,” emphasizing the necessity for the United States and its allies to stand firm against these threats.

“China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran, they form an axis of evil, and it’s crucial that we take a stand against them, rather than attempting to conduct business as usual,” McConnell concluded.

This bold statement marks a significant moment in U.S. foreign policy, setting the stage for potential increased tensions and urging a unified response from the United States and its allies against these identified threats.

In a striking resurgence of early-2000s geopolitical rhetoric, Mitch McConnell has reinvigorated the term “axis of evil,” originally coined by President George W. Bush and recently echoed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. McConnell’s urgent call to action places China, Russia, Iran, and potentially North Korea at the center of a formidable axis that he believes poses a direct and immediate threat to global stability and U.S. national security.

Emphasizing the severity of the situation, McConnell declares, “This is an emergency,” urging for swift and decisive U.S. involvement in both Israel and Ukraine. He contends that the challenges presented by these nations require a robust American response to safeguard democratic values and maintain international balance. McConnell’s statements highlight a pivotal moment in U.S. foreign policy, as he seeks to rally support for confronting these adversarial powers head-on, reinforcing the urgency of a united and strong U.S. stance on the global stage.

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  1. McConnel is a traitor not just to the so titled Republican Party, but to the citizens of America and this country in general. We had a chance to dump him a few years back but Rand Paul stood in the way.
    McConnell is hopeful that the Obama plan to destroy America, while the rich politicians who kissed foreign a$$ are safe and living in the high towers get richer.
    Dump McConnell and ALL RINOS and get rid of the UNIPARTY of Communism and the NWO

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