Millions in COVID Relief Funds Sent to Palestine by Biden!

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The Biden Administration has allocated a substantial amount of COVID relief funds to the United Nations Relief & Works Agency (UNRWA), a Palestinian relief organization that has faced criticism for its alleged involvement with terrorist groups and the promotion of anti-Semitic sentiments in its educational programs.

According to recent reports originating from Town Hall, the Biden Administration directed $33.7 million from the American Rescue Plan to UNRWA through the State Department’s Migration and Refugee Assistance program. This allocation is part of a broader $500 million provision within the COVID relief bill designated for the State Department to support migration and refugee assistance efforts.

UNRWA, which operates primarily in Palestinian territories, has long been a source of controversy due to allegations that it has played a role in promoting hatred towards Jewish people, condoning terrorism, and spreading Hamas propaganda within its educational institutions. Former President Trump had taken a hardline stance on UNRWA, cutting off its funding in 2018. This move was met with criticism from the Brookings Institution, which argued that it jeopardized the well-being of impoverished Gaza residents who relied on the organization’s assistance.

In a surprising reversal, President Biden reinstated funding to UNRWA despite concerns about potential links between the organization and Hamas, a designated terrorist group. In July 2022, the Biden Administration announced a significant contribution of $201 million to UNRWA, solidifying the United States’ position as the organization’s largest donor. This latest allocation brings the total assistance provided to UNRWA during the Biden Administration to over $618 million.

A spokesperson from the State Department defended the decision to allocate funds to UNRWA, emphasizing the organization’s role as a crucial lifeline for millions of Palestinian civilians. According to the spokesperson, the funds are used to provide essential services such as food assistance, healthcare, and emergency support to vulnerable populations. Additionally, Migration and Refugee Assistance (MRA) funds are directed toward health services, protective equipment for healthcare workers, hospitalization services, and assistance to mitigate the economic impacts of the pandemic on vulnerable families.

However, critics argue that the Biden Administration’s decision to funnel funds to UNRWA raises significant concerns. The organization’s controversial educational curriculum, which has been accused of promoting hatred and glorifying terrorism, has been a point of contention for years. Critics contend that supporting UNRWA indirectly allows such problematic practices to persist.

Furthermore, there is a broader concern about the potential misuse of funds and their potential to fall into the hands of terror groups. A March 2021 internal State Department memo revealed the Biden Administration’s plans to unfreeze over $360 million in U.S. funds for the Palestinian Authority, which could be at risk of ending up in the coffers of extremist organizations. Officials argue that this decision is essential for national security, but it has generated criticism from those who fear that American taxpayer dollars could inadvertently support terrorism.

In summary, the Biden Administration’s decision to allocate significant COVID relief funds to UNRWA, a Palestinian relief organization with a history of controversy, has ignited a contentious debate. While proponents argue that UNRWA plays a vital role in providing essential services to Palestinian civilians, critics raise concerns about the organization’s problematic educational curriculum and the potential misuse of funds. The broader implications of funding allocations in the region, particularly in terms of national security, remain a topic of ongoing discussion and scrutiny.

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