Mike Johnson Destroys Mayorkas on Homeland Security

Mike Johnson and Mayorkas

Mike Johnson Holds DHS Secretary Mayorkas Accountable in Heated Exchange

Johnson to Mayorkas, “We’ve concluded you are doing this intentionally.”

In a highly charged and intense congressional hearing, Mike Johnson relentlessly questioned Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on his policies and their impact on the border crisis, accusing him of creating a “humanitarian disaster” and endangering American lives.

Johnson opened the hearing with a reference to Secretary Mayorkas’ oath of office ceremony in February 2021, reminding him of his commitment to “safeguard the American people, our homeland, and our values.” Johnson then proceeded to highlight the discrepancy between Mayorkas’ promises and the current state of border security.

“Sir, you are the seventh secretary of homeland security, in charge of the third largest federal department in the United States and the largest immigration system in the world. You were given immense power and an absolutely critical responsibility,” Johnson said. “And yet, on your watch, crime surges, chaos ensues, and innocent people die.”

Johnson painted a grim picture of the current state of the U.S.-Mexico border, describing it as a scene of “literal invasion” with “lawless masses” flooding over from more than 160 countries. He accused Secretary Mayorkas of putting the safety and security of the American people at direct risk and cited numerous examples of criminal activity and violence that have surged as a result of the border crisis.

Johnson also slammed Mayorkas for wasting taxpayer dollars on policies that he claimed incentivized illegal immigration, further endangering American communities. “The drug cartels are making billions of dollars, drowning our streets in fentanyl, and other deadly substances, making drug overdoses the number one cause of death for Americans ages 18 to 45,” he stated emphatically.

Johnson did not hold back in expressing his disappointment and frustration with Secretary Mayorkas, accusing him of evading questions, providing inaccurate answers, and insulting the intelligence of the American people. “You have presided over the greatest immigration catastrophe in American history,” Johnson declared. “It is an objective truth that you have helped design and implement this system.”

Johnson ended his remarks by calling for Mayorkas’ resignation and warning him of the potential for impeachment, citing the numerous actions and policies that he believed were putting the country at risk. “There will be an election, and the American people will let their voices be heard on this. We will be taking the majority, and my advice to you is to begin your search for a different career field very soon,” he concluded.

The hearing ended with Johnson asking unanimous consent to enter into the record a letter from 133 members of Congress expressing their concern over Secretary Mayorkas’ actions and policies, highlighting the growing discontent and demand for accountability within the legislative branch.

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6 Replies to “Mike Johnson Destroys Mayorkas on Homeland Security

  1. Finally we have someone in DC that is actually holding Mayorkas accountable for is actions, or actually no actions, Mayorkas should go now. He’s done so much damage to our country. Thank you Mike Johnson!

  2. And we still do nothing. People need to be in jail. Wait on election? No way. As I see the boarder, this is no different than Russia invading Ukraine.
    Stop this Now!

    Stop this Now!!

    Stop this Now!!

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