Migrant Families Reject Brooklyn Tent City, Insist on Returning to Manhattan Hotel

migrants at the tent city

Several immigrant families have vehemently declined to settle in a makeshift tent city in Brooklyn, a project initiated by Mayor Eric Adams’ administration. The tent city, intended as a shelter for migrant families, faced immediate rejection upon the families’ arrival on Sunday.

The situation unfolded dramatically as families, many of whom were undocumented immigrants, disembarked from buses only to express immediate dissatisfaction with their new proposed home. One immigrant, who chose to remain anonymous, expressed his frustration about the lack of communication regarding their destination. He highlighted the impracticality of living in Brooklyn while his job and children’s schools were located in The Bronx.

Another individual, also an undocumented immigrant, was adamant about returning to the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan, a 4-star establishment currently serving as a processing center for migrants. He lamented the lack of clarity in communication, stating, “They just said they were taking us to a shelter. I cannot stay here. This is crazy.”

This incident reflects the broader challenges faced by the Adams administration in managing the influx of over 139,000 non-U.S. citizens seeking asylum since Spring 2022. Currently, Mayor Adams is responsible for the welfare of over 65,000 immigrants, with thousands more arriving each week.

The tent city in Brooklyn, now rejected by its intended residents, represents a significant setback in the city’s efforts to provide adequate shelter and resources for the growing migrant population. The preference of migrants to return to the Roosevelt Hotel underscores the complexities and sensitivities involved in addressing the needs and expectations of this vulnerable group.

Footage of the migrants boarding the buses back to Manhattan shortly after their arrival in Brooklyn is making rounds, highlighting the urgency and gravity of this ongoing humanitarian challenge in New York City.

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7 Replies to “Migrant Families Reject Brooklyn Tent City, Insist on Returning to Manhattan Hotel

    1. How ungrateful! They come here illegally and dictate where they want to stay!! Instead of being grateful that we let them in illegally, they’re now wanting to only be staying in a hotel. This country does not guarantee 4 star hotels to illegals. In the meantime a good portion of our legal citizens are living on the streets. THERE IS DEFINITELY SOMETHING WRONG HERE!!!

  1. … “the land of opportunity “… they all have an “opportunity “ to earn a living the way WE all have done!!!

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