Megyn Kelly Warns Biden: Americans Will Not Vote for a ‘Near-Corpse’!

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n a recent report by Slay News, prominent journalist Megyn Kelly unveiled a concerning revelation for President Joe Biden’s political future, casting shadows over his prospects for the 2024 election. The revelation came to light during Kelly’s show, where she delved into the findings of a new Wall Street Journal poll that highlights a growing sentiment among Americans regarding Biden’s age.

According to the poll, a staggering 73 percent of all voters believe that President Biden is too old to seek a second term. Such a resounding expression of doubt raises serious questions about the viability of Biden’s re-election bid. What is particularly alarming for the Democratic camp is that even within their own ranks, the skepticism is pervasive. Two-thirds of Democrats surveyed shared the sentiment that Biden’s age is a significant impediment to a potential re-run, signaling potential discord within the party. This stark contrast was exemplified by the fact that only 40 percent of respondents believed that former President Donald Trump was too old to seek another term.

Megyn Kelly herself didn’t mince words in her assessment, stating, “The voters are not ableist, they’re not ageist. They’re taking people on a case-by-case basis and they see a vibrant man in Trump and they see a near-corpse – forgive me, but it’s true – in Biden.”

Adding to the conversation, Eliana Johnson, editor-in-chief of the Washington Free Beacon, provided insight into Biden’s likely motivations to persist despite these disheartening numbers. She speculated, “I think Biden thinks he’s the only person who can beat Trump in 2024. I don’t think he thinks Kamala Harris can do it. And I don’t think the Democratic Party thinks Kamala Harris can do it. And I think that’s why you see the reluctance from Biden to see the stage and open a primary. I think Democrats really worry that they don’t have somebody ready to go along the sidelines, partially because there would be deference to Kamala Harris.”

Megyn Kelly further highlighted the contrasting positions of Trump and Biden within their respective parties. While Trump continues to enjoy substantial support among Republicans, Biden appears to be ignoring the brewing concerns and dissent within the Democratic ranks. Kelly quipped, “But Trump, he does have huge numbers within his own party. Yet Joe Biden has got his fingers in his ears, and his eyes closed, and is pretending there is no opposition.”

The Wall Street Journal poll paints a challenging picture for President Biden as he contemplates a re-election bid. Not only do voters express reservations about his age, but they also give him low marks for his handling of the economy and other crucial issues that are likely to influence their votes. These negative perceptions contribute to the fact that only 39 percent of respondents hold a favorable view of the president.

Further exacerbating the situation, only 42 percent of those surveyed approve of how Biden is handling his job, a stark contrast to the 57 percent who disapprove. Perhaps most concerning for Biden’s camp is that in a hypothetical rematch of the 2020 election, he finds himself in a dead heat with former President Donald Trump, each garnering 46 percent support in a head-to-head test.

Democratic pollster Michael Bocian, who conducted the survey in collaboration with Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio, provided an insightful perspective on the overall sentiment captured by the poll results. He noted, “Voters are looking for change, and neither of the leading candidates is the change that they’re looking for.” This sentiment underscores the need for Biden to address the concerns raised by the electorate and reassess his political strategy moving forward.

Despite being only three years apart in age, the poll reveals a glaring gap in public perception between Biden and Trump. While a substantial 73 percent of voters feel that Biden is too old for a second term, only 47 percent expressed the same sentiment regarding the 77-year-old Trump. This age-related concern appears to transcend party lines, with two-thirds of Democrats sharing the belief that Biden should not seek re-election.

In conclusion, the Wall Street Journal poll findings, as discussed by Megyn Kelly and her guests, present a formidable challenge for President Joe Biden’s potential re-election bid in 2024. The overwhelming sentiment among voters that he is too old for a second term, coupled with his low approval ratings on key issues, signals a need for the president and the Democratic Party to carefully consider their strategy in the coming years. The poll highlights the importance of addressing these concerns and presenting a compelling vision for the future if Biden intends to secure another term in office.

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