Maui Residents to Joe Biden: ‘We Don’t Want You Here!’

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In a time when the residents of Maui are grappling with the devastating aftermath of wildfires, President Joe Biden’s absence from the scene has sparked criticism and led to questions about his empathy towards Americans in need. The sentiment of neglect was palpably voiced by longtime Maui resident Ella Sable Tacderan during an emotional interview with CNN. Tacderan’s impassioned inquiry into the President’s whereabouts encapsulates the frustration and bewilderment felt by many on the Hawaiian island.

“It’s really affecting me because where’s the President?” Tacderan rhetorically asked, her voice trembling with emotion. “I mean, aren’t we Americans, too? We’re part of the United States. Why are we getting put in the back pocket? Why are we being ignored?”

President Biden’s conspicuous absence from Maui has left both residents and observers questioning his responsiveness to their plight. As the death toll climbs and the fires continue to wreak havoc, the absence of a presidential visit raises concerns about leadership and support during times of crisis.

During a press conference earlier this week, when a reporter inquired about the situation, Biden’s response was succinct: “no comment.” This terse reply did little to assuage the growing frustration among Maui residents. Several of them expressed their exasperation to the New York Post, with some even suggesting that they would prefer the President not visit at all, after the lengthy delay in addressing the fires.

Lahaina resident Jay Awan, in a candid expression of disillusionment, remarked, “I don’t want him here. He’s just coming to Maui to look good in front of the cameras.” This sentiment was echoed by 66-year-old Peter Friedgen, who underscored that most people “don’t care if the president comes.” Friedgen’s assertion illuminates a broader sentiment among the community, which has been awaiting a government presence to provide much-needed assistance to the struggling island.

Amid the mounting criticism, contrasting headlines have drawn attention to President Biden’s allocation of resources. As he channels millions of dollars to Ukraine, his proposed relief efforts for Maui appear incongruously modest. The announcement of a one-time payment of only $700 to residents of the beleaguered island has stirred further discontent.

Reflecting on the meager financial support, Tacderan expressed her disappointment, stating, “$700 was given by the government, and I feel like it’s not enough.” In a region where the cost of living is notably high, this sum scarcely covers essential expenses, such as groceries. Tacderan’s frustration underscores the incongruity between the government’s financial response and the economic reality faced by Maui residents.

As criticism mounts, the White House has attempted to address concerns. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre appeared on “CNN This Morning” to address the growing discontent. Pushing back against the skeptics, Jean-Pierre emphasized that the President has been discussing the situation and that relief efforts in Hawaii constitute a “long-term effort.” While her comments may seek to allay concerns, the prevailing sentiment remains one of skepticism and frustration.

In a time when empathy and leadership are paramount, President Biden’s delayed response to the Maui wildfires has ignited a discourse about his commitment to Americans in need. The poignant words of Ella Sable Tacderan reflect a community grappling not only with the physical devastation caused by the fires but also with a feeling of abandonment by their nation’s leader. The President’s eventual visit, if and when it occurs, will be a pivotal moment in shaping the perception of his administration’s responsiveness and compassion.

This story was originally reported by Town Hall.

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  1. Biden cares more about the Ukraine than he care about Americans. Pitiful. I pray for the suffering people in Hawaii. Then insult to injury .I heard the Democrats tied the Funding to the Ukraine in with the emergency funding for Hawaii. In other words if the Republicans vote down the bill because they don’t want to throw billions more at the Ukraine the Democrats can say…See the Republicans don’t care about the suffering people in Hawaii.

  2. Biden ? the system needs change as 2 party system has ruin the weath of the united States of America and surly we all shall pay , the 2 party system intraps the public to worst of 2 evils . they are all insane WE must move to Rank Voting as the system is scam this issue is our lawful money value the issue is our land pollution of the water , we must move to hydrogen The elasticity free power without pollution , the grid also should be free , school must move to remote learning

  3. oh yes Biden hates the USA , his crime bill with forfeiture rose billions of dollars for law enforcement and murder citizen / but guess what ? you will see him pass soon suddenly , he will fall before you all on stage he so loved and devil waits for his soul right behind him . harvest moon

  4. FCKbidenandhisracistpissantadminofshit!
    They plan to purchase the peoples land for Pennie’s on the dollar hold their nwo meetings there…that’s good get them all in one place

    People dont change until they actually taste the medicine without the “Spoon full of Sugar that made the medicine go down”, and they actually taste the excrement poison
    Liberals are Morally absent, intentional deaf and blind and think they have a free pass to do what they want, when they want and have Entitlement to step on others anytime they want.
    GOOD for those who see it, hear it and have tasted the bitter one of their choices that put these parasites in power

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