Loophole: Kamala’s Role in Securing Biden’s Preemptive Pardons to Protect His Own Interests…

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This is a summary of the original article in American Thinker.

In a swirl of controversy, potential bribery, bank fraud, and tax evasion allegations involving Joe Biden and Hunter Biden are raising eyebrows. Despite the mounting accusations, both father and son have appeared remarkably calm and unconcerned in public. Joe Biden, with his signature supercilious smirk, dismisses questions about the investigations into their activities over the past 12 years. Critics argue that preemptive presidential pardons may shield the Bidens from ever being held accountable for their alleged criminality.

Citing a Supreme Court ruling, which states that a president can issue a pardon before charges have been filed, the article suggests that Joe Biden has relied on his allies in the Justice Department to obstruct the appointment of a special prosecutor and negotiate lenient plea deals for Hunter. These actions have seemingly been supported by a deliberate effort from the legacy media to ignore or conceal any potential wrongdoing.

However, the fate of Hunter Biden’s recently announced plea deal on criminal gun and tax evasion charges hangs in the balance as a federal judge in Delaware is set to approve it on July 26th. There are concerns that the judge may reject the deal, especially given recent revelations from whistleblowers within the IRS. If the deal falls through, the Biden administration’s carefully crafted plans would require a significant revision, potentially leading to discussions of a jail sentence for Hunter as part of a new plea deal.

Furthermore, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives continues its investigations into the Bidens. With the assistance of whistleblowers and their relentless determination, the House is poised to unveil potentially irrefutable evidence of Joe and Hunter’s alleged criminal activities. This development poses a challenge for the Justice Department, which has been reluctant to pursue a criminal investigation that could implicate Joe or other members of the Biden family without exposing their alleged misconduct.

The timing of these revelations and investigations is further complicated by Joe Biden’s ostensible bid for re-election in 2024. The constant stream of disclosures from the House is undermining Biden’s standing among the American public and jeopardizing the Democratic Party’s ability to retain the presidency. As a result, the article speculates on the timing of potential pardons for Hunter, James Biden, and others, wondering whether Joe Biden should issue them now or wait until after the election to avoid derailing his campaign.

One of the thorniest dilemmas for Joe Biden would be how to pre-emptively pardon himself. The article presents differing views on whether a president has the power to self-pardon. While some constitutional scholars argue in favor of self-pardons, a significant majority contends that the Supreme Court would likely rule against it. Consequently, a self-pardon could be a risky move for Biden, especially if the Democrats lose the White House in 2024. Another option explored is a temporary transfer of power under the Twenty-fifth Amendment, which would allow the Vice President, Kamala Harris or her successor, to issue the pardon while Biden remains temporarily unable to perform his duties.

The article concludes by asserting that pre-emptive pardons will inevitably be issued during the Biden presidency, describing it as one of the most egregious travesties of justice in American history. It calls on Republican candidates, members of Congress, and conservative media to openly and consistently emphasize the issue of self-pardons and corrupt deals involving the vice president. The authors argue that the American public must be made aware of the Bidens’ alleged attempts to evade accountability and the complicity of the Democratic Party in enabling this perceived travesty.

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