Listen to Walmart Chairman and Hunter Biden Plot to Derail Trump’s 2020 Campaign

Hunter Biden and Walmart

The recent emergence of audio and text messages from Hunter Biden’s laptop has sparked a storm of controversy, particularly involving Walmart Corporation Chairman Greg Penner. These revelations, prominently reported by Infowars, have raised serious questions about the ethical conduct of major corporations like Walmart in the political arena. The contents of these communications, specifically discussing tactics to influence the 2020 presidential election, have led to widespread calls for a boycott of Walmart.

The central piece of evidence is an audio transcript from 2018, found in Hunter Biden’s iTunes folder. In this recording, Biden and Penner are heard discussing plans to “pull the trigger” on efforts aimed at countering President Trump’s influence in the election. While the phrase doesn’t suggest physical violence, it unmistakably points to a deliberate strategy to sway the political process.

Adding to the controversy are emails and text messages that depict a more extensive connection between Hunter Biden and Penner. In one such instance from 2017, Penner is seen seeking a covert meeting with Biden, evidently to discuss matters too sensitive for digital communication. A subsequent email from Penner in 2018 further reveals plans to discuss “options for the 2020 election.” A text message from 2019 even suggests Hunter Biden’s willingness to facilitate introductions to his father, Joe Biden.

Both Hunter Biden and Greg Penner share commonalities, including their Georgetown University background and their business dealings in China. Notably, they both served on the board of Baidu, a major Chinese tech company. More controversially, Hunter Biden’s involvement in a significant Chinese acquisition of an American-owned cobalt mine further complicates the narrative, linking both men to substantial Chinese business interests.

The public reaction to these disclosures has been one of growing distrust and anger towards Walmart, with many calling for a boycott of the retail giant. This sentiment stems from a perception that Walmart, through Penner’s actions, has overstepped its corporate boundaries and ventured into manipulating political outcomes. Critics argue that these revelations shed light on the undue influence of large corporations in American politics.

The story has also ignited a debate about media bias, with accusations that mainstream media outlets are ignoring the story due to their political leanings. This perceived neglect has further fueled public outcry and skepticism about the impartiality and integrity of both the media and corporate giants like Walmart.

In conclusion, the leaked communications from Hunter Biden’s laptop have not only raised ethical questions about individual conduct but have also cast a critical light on Walmart’s role in the political sphere. The widespread calls for boycotting Walmart reflect a growing disillusionment with corporate America’s involvement in politics and a demand for greater transparency and accountability. As the controversy unfolds, it remains to be seen how it will impact Walmart’s reputation and the broader political landscape.

Is it time to boycott Walmart?

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  1. I’m ready to boycott Walmart. These corporate pricks need to learn to stay to hell out of politics and stop using our money for their political choices. What is a moron like this doing running a corporation the size of Walmart. He’s too damn dumb to realize he is damaging his own company. As America goes down, Walmart goes with it. At the very least, there needs to be an investigation into his criminal wrongdoing and found he must go to prison.

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