Ken Buck has had 4 death threats amid Speaker vote!


Republican Party, Representative Ken Buck of Colorado has become the latest member of Congress to report receiving death threats due to his stance on the House GOP’s internal conflict over selecting the next Speaker. Buck’s decision to back House Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) rather than support Representative Jim Jordan’s (R-Ohio) bid for the Speaker’s role has drawn the ire of some within his party.

Speaking to NBC in a candid interview, Buck revealed that his office has been inundated with a relentless wave of phone calls, with six full-time staff members working tirelessly to manage the flood of roughly 20,000 messages. Among this overwhelming volume of communication, Buck shockingly disclosed, “So far I’ve had four death threats.”

However, the threats against Buck are not limited to menacing messages alone. He also disclosed that he has faced personal consequences for his stance on the Speaker issue. “I’ve been evicted from my office in Colorado. I have notice of an eviction because the landlord is mad with my voting record on the Speaker issue,” he lamented. “And everybody in the conference is getting this. Family members have been approached and threatened. All kinds of things are going on. There’s going to be some tension.”

It’s important to note that Buck is not alone in facing such intimidation tactics. Several other Republican representatives, including Mariannette Miller-Meeks (Iowa), Drew Ferguson (Ga.), and Don Bacon (Neb.), have also reported receiving threats for their refusal to back Jim Jordan’s Speaker bid.

The ongoing internal conflict within the GOP took center stage this week during two Speaker ballots. In both instances, Representative Jim Jordan fell short of the required support, winning 199 votes, one less than the day before. To secure the Speaker’s role, he needs 217 votes when all 433 members are present. A third ballot is anticipated for Friday, adding to the growing tension.

In his interview, Representative Ken Buck, who was among the eight Republicans who voted alongside Democrats to remove former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) from the position, called for Jim Jordan to reconsider his quest for the Speakership. “I think the best move is for Jim to withdraw at this point,” Buck stated. “I think he may need another vote to be convinced that he’s not going to get there, which is fine. He was the nominee. The conference should give him that respect. But I think at some point, we need to move on and find the 217 votes for a plan.”

However, despite the growing opposition, Jim Jordan appears resolute in his determination to lead the House. On Friday morning, he held a press conference indicating that he had no intention of giving up his pursuit of the Speakership. This comes after a brief period during which Jordan supported temporarily granting powers to Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.), an effort that was met with resistance from dozens of Republicans.

Buck, for his part, expressed a willingness to support Patrick McHenry as the Speaker, but only for a limited period. He explained, “I would give a vote to make him the Speaker of the House for a temporary time period, and I would during that time period work very hard with my Republican colleagues to try to find the 217 votes to make sure that we have a permanent Speaker for the rest of this conference.”

As the internal strife within the Republican Party continues to escalate, the outcome of the next Speaker ballot and the broader implications for the party remains uncertain. Amid the discord, Representatives like Ken Buck find themselves caught in the crossfire, facing threats and consequences for their positions on this critical issue. The days ahead will undoubtedly be pivotal in determining the future leadership of the House of Representatives and the direction of the GOP.

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  1. Well he did show he care nothing about the Country only self Thode rinos are really TRAITORS to the country and party mccarty was a worm Rino and a lyre that is how he got the job The RNC is not for Conservatives only the NWO yes ppl He and the ohter rinos need to go Are we need to change partys for onew that does not crawl for the dems wishes

  2. These politicians forget they are there to serve the people and not themselves. Why these rhinos claim to be Republicans is beyond me. They vote with the democrats so much they should tell the truth and be a democrat.

  3. I am so disappointed with the Republican Party at large. Republicans have proven incapable of building a majority caucus that stand behind Trump and traditional conservative fiscal policies. The modern Republican Party is overpopulated with wimpy, weak, self serving RINOs. Until they learn to hold ranks and stand together like the Dems (always do!), they will continue to lose. I refuse to contribute one cent through WinRed and only support a handful of individuals that support Trump and are willing unequivocally fight for conservative values.

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