Judge Engeron’s Shirtless Photos Stir Controversy in Trump Trial


Unusual Behavior of Judge in Trump Trial Stirs Controversy

In an unexpected twist in former President Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial, Judge Arthur Engoron has become the center of controversy due to shirtless photos of him appearing in a high school alumni newsletter. The images, which reportedly show Judge Engoron’s torso, have been discovered in archived newsletters from the Wheatley School Alumni Association, dating back to 2020 and 2021.

Judge Engoron, 74, a graduate of the Wheatley School in Old Westbury, New York, is the curator of these newsletters. Notably, one newsletter ends with an intriguing line: “Please send me your autobiography before someone else sends me your obituary.” Critics have suggested that the photos represent progress images of Engoron’s physique, a claim that remains unverified by independent sources like Newsweek.

The Wheatley School Alumni Association and Judge Engoron have been contacted for comments but have yet to respond. Meanwhile, a Trump-affiliated group known as Marco Polo, led by former Trump White House aide Garrett Ziegler, has escalated the issue. The group shared screenshots of the newsletter and images of Engoron at a gym, criticizing the judge’s actions as inappropriate and highlighting the oddity of a judge involved in a high-profile trial exhibiting such personal content publicly.

Conservative commentator and Trump supporter Collin Rugg voiced his disapproval on social media, questioning the judge’s mental well-being and calling the act of posting semi-nude photos in a high school alumni newsletter a “peculiar hobby.” This sentiment was echoed by other MAGA supporters who expressed discomfort with the judge’s choice to share such images.

The controversy adds to the already strained relationship between Judge Engoron and former President Trump. During Trump’s recent testimony in the $250 million civil fraud suit involving him, his sons, and the Trump Organization, Engoron attempted to maintain order in the courtroom, repeatedly urging Trump to focus on the questions at hand. Trump, in turn, has publicly criticized Engoron, accusing him of bias and incompetence.

This latest development raises questions about the propriety and professionalism of those involved in the trial, further complicating an already contentious legal battle. The court and the public await any further response or explanation from Judge Engoron regarding the unusual content of his newsletters.

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  1. its a good thing that tiny phone covered up that other tiny thing – What a disgrace but then He and Anthony Weiner had to have been of the same ilk – Liberals on the payroll

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