Joe Biden’s Web of Deceit Exposed as Smoking Gun Exposes 36 White House Encounters with Hunter’s Partner During Obama Admin!

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New Doubts Arise Over President Biden’s Claims of Ignorance About Son’s Business Dealings

Recent findings report that Eric Schwerin, a business associate of Hunter Biden, visited the White House or the vice president’s residence a whopping 36 times during the Obama administration. These revelations are intensifying skepticism around President Biden’s consistent declarations that he was unaware of his son’s business activities.

This comes on the heels of statements by Speaker McCarthy, who suggests the “paying-to-play” allegations involving the Biden family are escalating toward an impeachment inquiry.

Eric Schwerin had a professional association with Hunter Biden at Rosemont Seneca Partners, a firm they co-founded with Devon Archer and Chris Heinz, Secretary Kerry’s stepson. Schwerin and Biden also collaborated as lobbyists from 2002 to 2008.

Fox News was the first to report Schwerin’s frequent visits to the White House and the Naval Observatory, the official residence of Vice President Biden. A prior report by the Washington Post in 2022 stated that Schwerin had visited these sites 19 times during President Obama’s tenure.

Among these visits was a 2015 Christmas party organized by the Bidens, with Archer also in attendance. Archer recently testified to the House Oversight Committee that Hunter Biden would frequently introduce his father to potential business partners and investors during dinners, suggesting that President Biden’s claims of ignorance regarding his son’s business affairs are “categorically false.”

It’s worth noting that President Obama appointed Schwerin twice to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad in both 2015 and 2017. Another Biden family associate, Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali, a known Democratic fundraiser, was also appointed to this commission. Interestingly, Naftali was recently revealed to have purchased artworks crafted by Hunter Biden.

Kathleen Buhle, Hunter Biden’s former wife, wrote in her 2022 memoir about Schwerin’s deep involvement in managing their financial affairs during the partnership between Schwerin and Biden. Furthermore, a 2015 email from Hunter Biden disclosed Schwerin’s aspiration for a presidential commission appointment as early as the day following the 2008 election.

The White House and Naval Observatory logs listed Schwerin as a “personal guest” of the Bidens, which exempted him from disclosing potential financial conflicts of interest.

With these emerging details, Schwerin, like Archer, may soon be under the investigative eye of the Oversight Committee. The Committee’s Chairman, Congressman James Comer, indicated that their investigation could encompass various aspects of the Biden family’s business operations, potentially involving close associates like Schwerin.

Speaking to Fox News, Speaker McCarthy emphasized the crux of the matter: it’s not solely about Hunter Biden but the broader allegations of “paying-to-play” implicating the Biden family. McCarthy had previously hinted that the Oversight Committee’s investigation, coupled with inquiries by other committees, could push President Biden closer to impeachment.

Responding to these claims, White House spokesman for oversight matters, Ian Sams, accused McCarthy of disseminating falsehoods about President Biden to appease the far-right faction of the House Republican conference.

In parallel developments, lawyers for Hunter Biden and federal prosecutors are racing against time to finalize an amended version of his contentious plea deal, which was previously dismissed by a federal judge on July 26. If the revised plea deal isn’t sanctioned, Hunter Biden might confront a criminal trial over tax evasion and firearms charges, risking a possible prison sentence.

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  1. Mccarty is a whimp just like old mitch and ryan who crawl for the dems Just look how bitme outwitted mccarty in the budget deals All evidence never existed will be what come out in the end or=ur crooked FBI and Dof will see to that

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